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Photo from Stock That Rocks

These days, it seems like advertisements are everywhere and anywhere! If you take a moment to look, chances are you’ll stumble upon some kind of ad wherever you go. They’re on the stickers we put on our water bottles and laptops, the clothing we wear, and the places we go…the list goes on and on!

A new form of advertising that’s recently jumped on the bandwagon are sponsored posts. You’ve probably see them on Instagram while scrolling through your feed or on Twitter with those accounts selling that annoying “secret” to weight loss. Most recently, Giphy, the search engine for gifs, has taken the steps to start acquiring sponsored posts. Here’s everything you need to know about this new update!

How does it work?

Very rarely does someone search for a brand or company in the Gif search box. So, how are there going to be sponsored posts within the Gifs? Is a post featuring Apple just going to pop up while searching for a “happy” gif? The answer is actually pretty clever.

If one searches “yawn,” a Starbucks-related Gif might pop up, or a cup of coffee with a certain logo.

“Party” bring up Gifs with certain beer brands.

“Shopping” might allow certain clothing brands slip in through the cracks.

“Chill” could bring up a computer screen with the Netflix logo on it (Netflix better take advantage of this opportunity!).

The system is pretty similar to how Google works. If you search Walmart on Google, sponsored posts from Target, Walmart, and other grocery stores are likely to pop up.

There hasn’t been a confirmed date as to when these ads will take effect, since it’s still in the testing stage. Though, when it does release, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise from what we’re used to seeing as we send a Gif to our friend via iMessage. It will just be formatted with more brands and cleverly inserted logos.

Who knows, if this takes off with the big brands, maybe opportunities can arise for smaller businesses to take part on the sponsored posts train for Giphy!

For now, keep on sending hilarious gifs back and forth to your friends and enjoy all that Giphy has to offer.

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