Post Portrait & Landscape Photos on Instagram



Friends around the world might be mending broken relationships because of Instagram’s new update.

In case you haven’t seen the buzz this past weekend, Instagram known for its square images, are now giving its users a bit more freedom when it comes to the size and orientation of the images they post.

Instagram Update Portrait

Previously, if someone wanted to post a landscape photo, they would have to cut off a portion of the image to make it fit in a square or download a separate app to add white borders around the image. White borders worked fine, but using them would leave huge chunks of dead space if you scrolled through your profile.

Basically, if you wanted an Instagram that didn’t look blotchy, you had to follow the square standard and be willing to sacrifice the heads (and bodies!) of certain friends if they didn’t ‘fit in the square.’ Even celebrities had to do it–cue photo where Gigi Hadid cut off Lena Dunham completely in her picture with the ‘Bad Blood’ Taylor Swift gang.

(Although, we have to wonder if Gigi did this on purpose seeing how Taylor managed to fit everyone in the photo…#ButThat’sNoneOfOurBusiness)

Fortunately for Insta-users (and quite unfortunately for white border apps), Instagram added the ability to post portrait/landscape pictures AND have your images look like squares when scrolling through your profile. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

To use Instagram’s new feature, click on the camera in Instagram and choose a photo from your library (the image must be in a portrait or landscape orientation! If your image is in a square, the update won’t apply). In the image preview, there should be a Format button that looks like a small circle with two arrows in the bottom left-hand corner. Clicking this will automatically fit the image to your screen and voilà! Apparently, this option isn’t only limited to images. With such an increase in reposting and sharing videos, the same idea is said to apply to full-size videos!

It seems like a win-win in our eyes because you can upload any sized photo and still have that fluid aesthetic to your profile. Thanks to the update, we can see pictures of flower fields stretched for miles, the perfectly styled food banquet your favorite blogger attended yesterday, and perhaps most importantly, nobody needs to cut their friends out of a photo or contort themselves in weird positions to fit their entire #ootd in a tiny little square.

Cheers, Instagram. Thanks for letting us think outside the square!