Tips For Finding The Right Freelancing Job



Finding a business that in interested in hiring you for freelancing work is great. Finding a business that is interested in you, who you are also interested in, is better. Since we have already talked about where to find current freelance job listings, we felt it is just as important to tell you how to find what jobs are right for you.

Apply With Passion

While casting a wide net is needed when trying to land a freelance writing job, it is also important that you make sure that you are applying for things you are actually passionate about. Getting paid to write is awesome, but getting stuck writing about something that you have less then no interest in can get old quick. While we don’t think that you should turn down every job that doesn’t make you squeal with glee you should try to apply for openings in broad areas that you at least have true interest in.

Ask Questions

Congrats! The freelance writing position you applied for not only got back to you, but they want to hire you. Now that you have learned that they think you are a good fit for them, it is time to find out if they are also a good fit for you. It is the best time to ask questions while the ball is now in your metaphorical court. Find out as much about the company and position as you can. Discuss what their expectations are of you, as well as what you expect from the in return. Most importantly, have the money talk up front, it is best to have it now while they want you then in a month when they already have you. Taking the time to truly find out what a position is before you take it is crucial when establishing a business relationship. Don’t shy away from finding out what you need to in order to make the best business decision for yourself.

Ask For More

Just because you were hired as a freelancer, does not mean that a freelancer is all that you ever can be. If you love what you are doing, enjoy the company you are writing for and would like to do more, ask for it. You never know if they are open to giving you more assignments unless you ask them. Worst case scenario they tell you they only need/can afford your current arrangement. Which leaves you in the exact same place you were before you asked. No employer will ever be offended of think negatively of you for being proactive and asking for what you want. This self-assertion lets them know that you are serious and driven which are two amazing attributes in any employee.