Tips For Nailing The Online Interview

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Tips For Nailing The Online Interview - Bloguettes: Online interviews are more casual than in-person interviews, but are just as important. Set yourself up for success with these online interview tips!

Nailing your interview is a crucial part to landing that new job you have your heart set on. In today’s digital landscape, your first interview can often happen from afar via Skype or over the phone. Doing an online interview means that you have home court advantage–an advantage that you will not squander away by being unprepared, if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some tips to wow-ing your way into a second interview!

Tech Rehearsal

First and foremost, make sure that everything is working properly before you jump on the Skype or phone call. A “Can you hear me now?” and your frozen face on the screen are not going to get you the coveted second interview. Have a test run of your device prior to the interview taking place. Check that your sound and picture quality are good and that there is no lag or annoying echo where you are planning to interview from. Having confidence in your equipment allows you to have more confidence in yourself during the interview.

Set the Scene

A digital interview over Skype or any other video messaging service gives you the rare ability to set the scene for your interview. You get to choose what room you will be doing it in and what the camera will capture. Choose an inviting, professional background. Check that you like the lighting and angle in which the camera will be capturing you. Then feel free to add in a subtle, yet impressive talking piece behind you that you hope the interviewer will notice. Have a clever, memorable story behind the piece, should the interviewer ask you about it.

Cheat Sheet

Unlike a face-to-face interview, you will not be able to feed off the other person as easily to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Prepare yourself with extra talking points and questions to fill in any quiet moments. Create a cheat sheet for yourself that you can look at while the interview is taking place. This can be bullet points that you would like to cover about yourself and your pertinent past employment history and questions about the potential job opportunity or company.

Ask for Real Face Time

Congratulations! You have dazzled your interviewer and proven that you’re the right gal (or guy) for the job! Now it’s time to show your continued interest by asking to meet in person. While online interviews are efficient, it does not always give you the big picture of the company you are hoping to join. Tell your interviewer that you would like to have your next interview in person, to come see the office, and/or simply meet them in person. Asking this shows them you are serious about moving forward and have an invested interest in the potential position.

Whether you’re doing an online interview or not, nerves are normal. Push through those interview jitters with a few of our helpful tips!

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