Tips For Requesting Online Reviews

How To Request Online Reviews For Your Company - Bloguettes


Any publicity might be good publicity for Lindsay Lohan, but bad publicity is simply BAD when it comes to your small business. Getting good feedback from your clients not only feels good personally, but it also incentivizes potential clients and subscribers to tune into you. Positive word of mouth is imperative when building a brand and the easiest way to generate it is with online reviews. Online reviews are the bread and butter for any budding company, so here are the best ways to get some of your own!

Before You Ask…

You want to set yourself up for success. Much like you had to study hard and put in the work before acing that trigonometry test in school, you have to put in the work to earn those good reviews. It is not enough to publish a handful of posts and expect sizable readership to pop-up out of nowhere and gush in your comments about how amazing your blog is. You have to lay the groundwork and establish a meaningful relationship with your readers first.

Depending on what kind of business you have, you will also want to set up a business profile on whatever review site is applicable for you (Yelp, Google, WeddingWire, UrbanSpoon, Facebook Business etc.) making it easy for your clients to find your company and be able to review with ease.

When To Ask…

Figuring out when is the exact best time to ask your loyal clients for a review takes a bit of trial and error. When starting out, the best rule of thumb is to ask directly after you have exchanged something meaningful. This can be something as obvious as them purchasing your product or after you’ve swiftly handled a customer service issue for them.

How To Ask…

Clients and users hold all of the power in today’s marketplace. Helping them use that power for good and not evil will ultimately boost your business for the best. Since most people only take the time to write a review when they have something negative to say, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for your clients to post a rave review about your brand.

Follow up with your clients directly after a meaningful exchange, via email or comment response, with a link directing them to your review page. Simply asking them to consider writing you a review will go a long way. If you stand by your brand, your products and your service you should be steadily receiving the positive reviews you deserve!