Tips To Make Your Content Go Viral



Why do some articles go viral? It’s a question every blogger, business owner and brand has asked themselves–how do I find or create that one ‘thing’ that rockets me to Internet success? The simple answer is that it isn’t easy. There’s not one formula that we as bloggers can follow that is guaranteed to make for an awesome post. However, there are some things that the majority of viral web content have in common, and we’re sharing those with you today!

They’re Highly Visual

If a post has even just one great image, it’s likeliness that it will be shared on social media increases up to three times. We can’t even count how many times we’ve been scrolling on our Twitter and Facebook feeds and are sucked in by an article a friend has posted. Social media reach is huge when it comes to articles going viral, so if you can include a graphic or image, do it! If it’s a great looking image, even better! People love being the first of their friends to share a cool article, and if you make it easy for them by providing an awesome image, they’ll be more likely to do so.

They Appeal To Reader’s Egos

It’s only human that we love reading posts that make us feel understood or validated. So it should come as no surprise that some of the best performing articles on giant content sites like Buzzfeed are quizzes. Quizzes allow readers to feel like they’ve learned or discovered something about themselves, and they’ll want to share that information with friends. It gives them an opportunity to talk about themselves and toot their own horns without coming off as boastful or vain. People love to share articles that make them appear cool or interesting to their friends, and more shares means a better chance at going viral.

They Make Information Easy To Digest

Rather than providing a huge block of words, try breaking your articles up into numbered or bulleted lists. In fact, one of the tips Buzzfeed gives to writers wanting to contribute to their site is to write articles in list form. According to the Buzzfeed ‘Help’ guide on going viral, 9 out of 10 lists on the site end up going viral. That’s huge! Infographics are another great way to make information visually appealing (and most viral content is highly visual, remember?) and are really easy for readers to interpret.

They Get Attention From Influencers

Now this one might seem a little counterintuitive. You’re trying to make your content go viral, so that it gets seen by influencers, but in order for it to go viral, it needs attention from influencers. We know, it’s confusing, but let us explain how this can be accomplished. If you’re writing a post about something, find a person who is an expert in that field, and ask them for a quote you can include in your post. If you can’t get a quote, pull a quote from an article they’ve written, and make sure to credit them and link back to the source. Getting on their radar in some capacity will make them more likely to share. And if they’re an expert in the field you’re writing about, there’s a good chance they have a wide reach to the community you’re trying to target.

And remember, one of the best ways to go viral is to create content that hasn’t been created before, that’s new and exciting to people and that feels fresh. As we mentioned before, there’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula, so keep it genuine, and blog about what’s truly of interest to you, and you’re already off to a great start.

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