ShopStyle and Pinterest Team Up to Create Shop the Look



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ShopStyle and Pinterest teamed up earlier this year to help influencers boost their brand and make it easier for users to shop their favorite outfits and inspiration. The partnership has seemed to work well, because they just released a whole new feature available within Pinterest! 

Meet ‘Shop The Look’ Pins: the new way to shop on Pinterest!

So What is ShopStyle?

ShopStyle is essentially a shopping search engine that compiles hundreds of brands on one website. ShopStyle Collective is an affiliate network that gives influencers the ability to create links and widgets to share the products they’ve been loving with their followers and monetize their content!

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What Are ‘Shop the Look’ Pins?

Shop the Look Pins are a new way to shop on Pinterest without ever leaving your home! If a pin has a white circle that means it’s a Shop the Look pin and you can shop the products in the photo. Just a simple tap and you’re in.


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How do I Create a Shop the Look Pin?

  • Be a ShopStyle Collective Member
  • Have your Syndication Settings ON.
    • Go to account settings to find.

Then your looks will be able to be turned into Shop the Look Pins and have a chance to be featured by the @ShopStyle Pinterest!

What about other users who aren’t influencers?

In December of 2017, the feature will be available to all members. It isn’t too far from now, so all we have to do is wait in anticipation. Soon everyone will be able to make money off their styles on Pinterest!

Other Notable Updates

Pinterest has been bringing their A-game lately for its users. Just recently they announced several new features that involves visual search and shopping.

Lens Your Look: This new feature allows you to add a photo of an item from your closet to the text search to get inspiration for your wardrobe. It gives you a new way to search for items in your closet!

Visual Search: All you have to do is pinch in on the photo and zoom in on what you like and it automatically starts a visual search to discover similar pins.

Pinterest Pincodes: When you’re out shopping or flipping through a magazine, you may see a Pinterest Code! Pull out your camera on Pinterest and scan to see ideas on Pinterest inspire by what you see in real life.

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