Where To Make Infographics & Why You Need Them

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The internet is becoming an increasingly visual place. Pinterest and Instagram are here to stay, so it is a good idea to learn how to make some awesome visual content. So how do you share your content while still getting your message across? Through infographics of course!

Infographics are growing in popularity and are great for sharing on social media. These handy visual aids are a stylish way to share information and their longer designs are especially perfect for posting on Pinterest. Don’t shy off if you don’t have any graphic design experience, there are plenty of easy to use resources available to make infographics. Here are a few of our favorite sites for making informative and beautiful infographics.


Piktochart offers select infographic templates free of charge as well as hundreds of templates available with a monthly membership starting at $15. Not finding a template you like? Their free and easy to use create your own infographic tool provides you with nearly endless amounts of customizable graphics you can use to create your own.


With thousands of free infographic templates, Easel.ly will have your every infographic need covered. If you are looking for a bit more customization, $3 a month will get you thousands of images to use, more fonts and the ability to upload your own fonts for use.


Infogr.am is a data driven design platform. Less whimsical than other infographic design services, you can display your data through charts and maps. These charts are especially helpful for creating a media kit. And not to be a broken record, but there are free templates and you can upgrade features with a monthly subscription based service.


Alongside infographic templates, Venngage offers templates especially for posting to social media. You can design infographics and simple photos with text over them for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. There are even templates for blog headers. Alongside free options there are special prices for educators and nonprofits.


Canva does much more than just infographics. Alongside infographics, there are countless graphic options. There supply of striking photos is not to be missed. No free templates for this one, but at $3 a pop we aren’t complaining. There is a monthly membership option, but for those who don’t want to be tied down to a monthly service, Canva is the perfect solution.

Are you ready to start creating infographics?