Top 10 Interview Questions In The Creative Industry



Congrats! You just landed an interview for your dream job in the creative industry. In order to do your best, it’s important to prepare for the questions that might come your way. As a creative professional, remember that the types of questions you will be asked may not be your typical interview questions. By becoming familiar with the following questions, you can prepare to put your best foot forward as you meet with your potential employer! 

What do you think of our company’s current work?

Hiring managers want to know that you’ve done your research! So, be sure to learn as much as you can about the company and position you’re applying for. This will show that you have a true interest in what the company does. Be ready to share your open and honest thoughts about the company’s work!

How do you incorporate creativity in your free time?

If you’re passionate about what you do outside of work, this will translate into what you do in the office. Many employers want to know what potential candidates do with their free time, because this shows what motivates them. This question will provide you with a chance to showcase your creativity and what makes you unique!

What artists, bloggers and photographers do you admire?

As a creative professional, you most likely draw inspiration from multiple sources. In order to get a better idea of your style, employers will want to know who you look to for inspiration. So, be ready to mention the names of any artists, bloggers, photographers, or other creative individuals you admire!

What are some of your favorite tech tools to use, and why?

Technology plays such an important role in the creative industry, so employers may ask you about some of your favorite tech tools to measure your willingness to stay current. Plus, they will want to know what tools you are familiar with and whether or not this could be beneficial for the position.

Tell me about something you’ve created.

The past is a good predictor of the future. If an employer asks you to tell them about a previous project you’ve worked on, take it as an opportunity to show your work ethic and brag on yourself a little bit! Describe how the project came together and how it became a success with your hard work and dedication!

How do you keep up with industry trends?

In the creative industry, it’s important to stay up-to-date with new trends. Things are always changing and evolving, so hiring managers will want to see that you keep up with the industry. This will show your passion for what you do!

What is the biggest creative challenge you have faced in your career?

Challenges you’ve faced in the past can be tough to talk about, but remember: every creative professional has difficulties at one time or another. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of your experience, use this as an opportunity to show how you have grown! Many employers will be impressed to see that you have overcome obstacles and made improvements.

What are some of the projects you’re working on right now?

Even if you’re currently unemployed, it’s important to stay busy and continue to work on improving yourself. The way you answer this question can show your ambition, dedication and love for your work!

How do you respond to criticism?

It’s so important to be able to respond to criticism well, especially in the creative industry. So, rather than being afraid of criticism, look at it as a positive thing! Applying the feedback you receive can put you one step closer to reaching your full potential.

What makes you unique?

Last but not least, when you’re interviewing for a job in the creative industry, be ready to share what makes you, you! Know that you’re one of a kind and that you will bring something special to whatever company you end up working for.

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