Top 5 Instagram Accounts: April 2016

Alexandra Ambroise - Top 5 Feature


Now that it’s officially spring, we’re excited to move on from the darker days of winter and have some fun in the sun! Our Instagram feeds are picking up on the springtime vibes too, and we’ve put together our favorite accounts to start scrolling poolside!


@lifeinwanderlust_: Needless to say, we want Kana’s life. This travel blogger definitely lives up to her name because it seems like every other week, she’s in a new part of the world! Although Kana is based in LA, you can find her currently exploring historical architecture, snapping photos of delicate pink cherry blossoms, and eating perfectly ombréd cotton candy bigger than her head–IN JAPAN! If you curious as to what the other side of the world looks like, this is one account you need to see.

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A little Early Bird on the go ☕️

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@lexxndra: Ahhh. If you’re looking for a fresh of breath air, we’ve found your Instagram equivalent. This lifestyle & fashion blogger does most of her work on Instagram, and she’s mastered the art of refreshing minimalism. Her luxurious flat lays and inspiring calligraphy quotes spark our adoration for the finer things in life. For anyone who lives for light-filled shots, texture, and pretty things, she’s definitely worth a follow!


@firstandwarren: Our favorite thing about this wonderful lifestyle blogger is the uniqueness she radiates in every aspect of her life, from her personal style to her eccentrically historical Boston roots! While her closet seems to consist of carefully curated neutrals, her surroundings (as told by Instagram) are living in color. She’s made our feed a bit edgier, a welcome contrast to the anticipated “hot dogs or legs” beach pics.


@diarylamode: This adorable fashion blogger (not to mention bride-to-be!) has all of our style bases covered. She’s perfected the art of what fashion should be, the ability to get creative with textures, patterns, and colors! Her posts make us a bit more excited to get up in the morning, because who doesn’t love an opportunity to make art through getting dressed?


@carmelisse: If you’ve never ventured through the desert (or pretty much anywhere else for that matter), let this Las Vegas photographer and travel blogger shed a little light on the experience through her feed. As the head of a blog cleverly named Here and Air, she knows a thing or two about telling a story through photographs, and her adorable animal photos and hilarious captions don’t hurt! Her photos are consistently pleasing to the eye, and she’s got her photo aesthetic down. If you’re looking for an adventure in the palm of your hand, we’ve found your girl!

*featured image credit: Alexandra Ambroise