Top 5 Instagram Accounts: August 2016

Top 5 Instagram Accounts: August 2016 - Bloguettes


Top 5 Instagram Accounts: August 2016 - Bloguettes: We're featuring a minimalistic goddess, an insane food photographer, wild-hearted sisters, a vintage fashion blogger, & a handmade jewelry & woven goods store!

Monsoon season has officially rained down on our desert homes (quite literally in certain circumstances…note to self: always have home or renter’s insurance). With all this heavy rain, we’ve been spending more time cuddled up on our couches scrolling through Instagram. We happened across these five amazing Instagram accounts and had to share!

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Heritage. My middle name is Midori, which is Japanese. As children we struggle to blend in and be "just like everyone else." We don't appreciate the cultural richness that colors the history of our origins. Then as we mature, we come to appreciate the beauty of diversity, of being uniquely ourselves. I couldn't be more honored to wear my middle name, an emblem of my family and of my grandfather's memory, on this wearable work of art from @thearrivalsnyc. And in my hand is a beautiful little dahlia, the official flower of my home, San Francisco. The Arrivals have a showroom in NYC and made a special visit out to LA this past weekend… San Franciscans, can we rally together and get these craftsmen out to our city next? Also, for anyone who doesn't know this, leather jackets are great for SF "summers." 🌥🌥🌥 #TheArrivalsxLA

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@inkandpulp: Meet San Franciscan art director and visual brand storyteller, Stef Etow. Her impeccably clean feed will make you say “ahhh” in pure & blissful contentment as you scroll through her picture perfect account. This creative eye is also the CEO and co-founder of an app dedicated to connecting and empowering women.

What You Can Expect To See: Echoing negative space, mint splashed typewriters, tiny bits of Mother Nature, and fluffy white sheets that deserve to be dreamed upon in the heavens.

@wolfandwanderco: Two sisters with a heart for design, lifestyle photography, and the wild, wild West.

What You Can Expect To See: Chestnut-colored horses, desert boho outfits, and sepia tinted nature scenes.

@circahappy: A food photographer and blogger with eyes that make sure every salt-sprinkled burger bun sparkles and every cherry tomato turns out as red as the bottom of your Louboutins.

What You Can Expect To See: Fuschia beets, crinkled chili peppers, and golden dried pineapple flower cakes.

@keepingitkrischic: This vintage fashion blogger knows how to seamlessly blend retro clothing with modern day downtown scenes.

What You Can Expect To See: Frothy milkshakes in cute cafés, and ascots & floppy hats adorning raven colored hair & red apple lipstick.

@genuineandginger: Meet the minimalistic jewelry and intricate woven goods store with a tagline of “rad stuff for real people.” We concur.

What You Can Expect To See: Black and brown leather strap chokers, whimsical neutral-toned woven decor, and pithy custom keychains.

featured image by: @inkandpulp