Top 5 Instagram Accounts: December 2016

Top 5 Instagram December 2016


Hello my friends! Sakura here. I couldn’t be more excited to take over Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts for December.
When it comes to accounts that I love to follow, I love the accounts that feel real, authentic and genuine. The accounts that tell a story and doesn’t feel too strategized & planned out.
The holidays are right around the corner and I feel like these accounts that I’ve picked are all extra merry with Christmas decorations, bright colors, and tons of plaids! Hope you love these accounts as much as I do 🙂

@patticakewagner: I recently discovered her Instagram and immediately fell in love.  Everything from her home, her family, to the composition of her photos all have that personal touch to it that immediately drew me in!

What You Expect To See: subway tiles, adorable Midwest homes, and family goals.

@juliamanchik: this graphic designer & photographer will allow you to step into her adventurous life! She’s also married to a photographer, @yuriymanchik, and they’re just the most adorable creative duo!

What You Expect To See: the west coast, adventures, and great compositions

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Lost in Oregon 🌲 cc: @snickersv

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@earth: with a little over half a million followers and only following 4 accounts, you’ll get a little glimpse of different parts of the earth.  This account are all reposts by other Instagrammers, but you’ll really see the best of the best curated photos of the world!

What You Expect To See: well, earth. Tons of nature, vivid colors, and amazing architecture.


@makenna_alyse: You’ve probably seen her engagement photos all over pinterest, but her Instagram account tells a story about an American girl falling for a British boy and making their move to Australia.

What You Expect To See: warm tones, cute fashion, and two adorable blondies happily in love.

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we're inside a snow globe today! ❄️☃

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@mamawatters: this mommy blogger has got style, an adorable home, and adorable kids!  Her candid shots of her children, her picture perfect Midwest home, and the all the neutral tones that just ties everything together.  Her account is a must-follow!

What You Expect To See: An adorably decorated old Midwest home, baby snuggles, and adorable family photos

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