Top 5 Instagram Accounts: November 2016

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This month, we're thankful for leftover Halloween candy, always trendy denim jackets, and our top 5 Instagram accounts for the month of November.

November is the month of giving thanks. This month, we’re thankful for leftover Halloween candy, outfits that transition from chilly mornings to hot AZ afternoons, and the fact that messy buns are in style when we decide to sleep in for 15 more minutes. One more thing we’re thankful for? Our top 5 Instagram accounts of the month! See who we’re featuring for the sweet month of November!

@mombeyondmom: They say the best thing comes in three and with Breanna, that is absolutely true. This mama, foodie, and blogger seamlessly blends three of her passions to make an aesthetically pleasing account.

What You Can Expect To See: Her curly-haired pom pom clad daughters, acorn squash, and cherries & cream breakfast popsicles.

@amberthrane: What exactly does a photographer and product stylist do? Well, style products like nobody’s business and take killer photos to get good business. Meet Amber Thrane, a SoCal creative with pictures of her cutie fam and a lot of floral & decor inspo.

What You Can Expect To See: Golden autumn leaves, fairytale-esque little kid birthday parties, and lots of baby cacti.

@schoolhouse: Schoolhouse Electric’s products are just as cool as their name. Scroll through their feed to see quirky lighting fixtures, furnishings, and productivity tools to get your life on the right path.

What You Can Expect To See: Pinterest-inspired lighting (like seriously, go look), wall clocks, and a whole lotta interior design pics featuring their fab products.

@lambertfloralstudio: It’s not unexpected for us to talk about an amazing florist. What is a little unexpected (in the best way possible) is the fact that this time around, we are featuring an amazing male florist! Meet Sammy Go, the founder of Lambert Floral Studio. With his background in landscape architecture from UC Berkeley, Sammy makes sure each floral design and piece of architecture harmonizes to create a picture-perfect symphony.

What You Can Expect To See: Peach and baby pink petal flat lays, heavenly white wedding corsages, and Sammy sitting on a stool willing a green vine to delicately climb up a wall.

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Misty morning.

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@aurea.lux: Heather Rowland, a Utah based travel and wedding photographer, knows how to capture everything from a crying father of the bride, to the foggy mist hanging above the trees. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

What You Can Expect To See: Blazing orange sunsets, black & white photos of wedding dress pleats, and the stillness and serenity of a woodsy nature scene.