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Learn how to gain followers, increase sales, and grow your brand with the RIGHT community by perfecting your aesthetic on Instagram! In this 22-minute course, you’ll gain valuable tools to establish the perfect Instagram brand and tips to keep your aesthetic consistent on the gram.

We want to teach you how to establish the objective of your account, determine the look and feel of your Instagram grid and visually brand your photos through selection and editing! Other general quick tips for Instagram success will be included in the class as well! Sign up here!

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How long will I have have access to the course? Does it expire?

Forever and ever! Once you register for Teachable and purchase your online course, you’ll have lifetime access to the course material!

What format is the online course delivered in?

Our online classes are shared as video content, .pdf files of the written script, and bonus worksheets that you can use throughout the course. You’ll be able to access our online classes via! All you gotta do is create a Teachable account (super easy, trust us) and then search for Bloguettes.

Would I be able to find this information online, for free?

We’re avid users of the term “Google it” and we know you can find just about anything online these days, but is that information always valuable? Sadly, no! We created these online classes to provide you with information that is valuable and tips that actually work.

Do I need to watch the whole course in one sitting or can I break it up?

We know your life can get busy and sometimes you just really need to finish up that episode of your new fave Netflix show. Each class is broken up into different chapters so you are free to go at your own pace!

Are these courses for me?

We’ve got some good news for ya. Our online classes were not created with one specific person in mind, so whether you’re a blogger, small biz owner, or just overall #Girlboss, our online classes are for you!

If I don’t currently have a business or product line yet, is this course for me?

People always say, there’s no time like the present! Even if you’re just getting started on your business or blog or maybe today you realized you want to take your Instagram game to a new level, this online class is valuable to you. We can’t predict the future but we’re pretty sure your future self will thank your current self for taking the time to learn everything this course has to offer!

Is there a community to share any questions or thoughts I have regarding the class?

We thought you’d never ask! If you have any questions or just want to share how much you love the course, head on over to our Facebook and join our Bloguettes Bulletin Board (or simply go here: . If you already joined the group, you’re fab, but if you haven’t just simply ask to join the group and we’ll be sure to add you as soon as possible!

Do you offer any refund or guarantees?

Sorry babes, there are no refunds or guarantees for our online classes.