Freelance Design Tips: How to Find Clients, Communication, & More!


Love creating logos & mood boards with fun colors & concepts? Interested in becoming a freelance graphic designer? Meet Nikki, Bloguettes’ Creative Assistant! Nikki started creating graphic designs at 16, and has been rocking it ever since! As one of our design girls & a freelance graphic designer, Nikki has amassed tons of tips that are great for graphic designers and creatives of any kind! In this super helpful vid, Nikki will teach you how to find your design style, the steps to perfecting freelance graphic designing including hierarchies, communication and design details, how to find clients and L O T S more! Check out Nikki’s tips to learn how to start your own freelance graphic design career!

Who? Our Creative Assistant Nikki

What? Freelance Tips

When? October 25th, 2017



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