How To: Use Emoticodes And Monetize Your Snapchat!


Emoticodes are a brand new feature to the online shopping world! You can now easily make any of your social media platforms monetized by this new coding. In todays video Becca, our Content Moderator, will show you how to use Emoticodes and how easy it is!

1. Download the Emoticodes app
2. Copy the URL of the site the selling item is on
3. Paste it into the Emoticodes app
4. You will then receive the code which will consist of a ghost, rocket, and a few letter and numbers
5. Paste the ghost and rocket code into your captions on Snapchat, Instagram, blog posts, and anywhere else!
6. All finished! Now people will screenshot your code, upload it into their Emoticodes app and shop away on the site your code brought them too!
Pretty cool, huh?

What? Emoticodes

When? June 10, 2016

Who? Becca, Our Content Moderator



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