The Newlywed Game With Sakura & Lorena


Sakura and Lorena, the co-founders of Bloguettes play The Newlywed Game ( best friend version). These two see each other about every day of their working lives, so why not throw them into this game? They set up chairs with their backs towards one another and take off their shoes and exchange one of them (so each has one of the other’s shoes). They each raise one of the shoes to represent themselves or the other, often with hilarious results. Watch to see what they each say about one another! We hope you enjoyed, especially because we clearly could not keep it together for this one! Subscribe to our channel for more lifestyle videos and to see more of these two partner their way through videos. Want to meet more of the team? Check out our videos to get more of a glimpse into the office life of a Bloguette.

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What? Bloguettes Backstage

Who? Sakura & Lorena

When? Jan 28, 2016



Let's be friends...with benefits!

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