Twitter Launches New Polls



If you are looking for an opinion on just about anything, Twitter is the place to go.

The Twitterverse is filled with an endless amount of opinions on everything from politics to reality TV. Looking for a heated debate over the newest Oreo flavor? Look no further. Now thanks to Twitter’s latest update, if you want an answer to any question, you can create a poll!

polls_compose_EN (1)

To share a poll with your followers, all you have to do is write a Tweet posing a question and provide two answer options. The votes are counted in real time and the poll closes after 24 hours. To vote in a poll, simply tap or click your preferred option and the results are instantly displayed after you vote. Your vote only counts once and polls are anonymous so no one will know who voted in the poll or what their vote was.

polls_results_EN_US (1)

This new Twitter function will be especially helpful for social media marketers who used to attempt to track question responses with retweets or special hashtags. Want to know what your customers think of a new donut flavor in your bakery? Ask away!

Here are a few questions we wouldn’t mind having answered:

  • Which emoji are you more excited about? The taco or the champagne bottle?
  • Bangs or no bangs?
  • Who do you think Wildest Dreams is about? Harry Styles or John Mayer?

How will you use the new Twitter polls?