Twitter Ups Their Character Limit to 10,000!

twitter new character limit


Writing intelligent, funny and interesting statements in 140 characters or less is a constant struggle for devoted Twitter users. How many times can you craft the perfect tweet to come up a few characters too long and have no choice but to walk away from Twitter forever?! Alright, we might be being a little bit dramatic, but it really can be frustrating.

If brevity is not your strong suit, you are in luck. Soon, Twitter will be loosening the reins on their character count. How would you like a few more characters to play with? 9,860 to be exact. That’s right! Twitter is playing around with allowing up to 10,000 characters per Tweet. This switch would make sense as direct messages also changed from 140 to 10,000 characters. Twitter has not released a final character count yet, but sources familiar with the company’s plans expect 10,000 characters.

Does it sound too good to be true? After the news broke, many users expressed concern about their feeds becoming congested with long rambling tweets, which could be very problematic. Fortunately, no matter what the new allowance is, it appears Twitter will still be maintaining how many characters show up on your feed. Industry insiders suspect that the 140 characters will be shown as always, but longer posts will be expandable.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey tweeted about the change and explained to followers why they want to change the small character limit that made Twitter so popular in the first place. “It’s become a beautiful constraint, and I love it,” Dorsey said. “It inspires creativity and brevity. And  sense of speed. We will never lose that feeling.”

Dorsey went on to explain that Twitter has observed many users taking screenshots of text and tweeting it in order to post longer messages. In fact Dorsey had to utilize that tactic himself to respond to the news of the coming update.

Get ready to tweet, as rumor has it we will see the new changes by the end of Q1 this year! How do you feel about the controversial new change?