The Ultimate Packing Guide for Girlbosses

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Girlbosses


The Ultimate Packing Guide for Girlbosses - BloguettesPhoto from Stock That Rocks


Photo from Stock That Rocks

You’ve booked your trip and paid your airfare–now all that’s left to do is pack!

Here at Bloguettes, we do quite a bit of traveling, whether it’s for our 3-Day Branding Workshops, speaking at conferences, or taking team trips! So, we know how tricky it can be to find time to pack while keeping up with a busy girlboss schedule. The struggle is real when you want to dress for success and bring all of your essentials with you, yet fit it all in a carry-on suitcase!

The key to becoming an efficient packer is to have a great strategy, so we’re here to walk you through some of the best packing hacks for busy girlbosses! Here are some helpful tips that will make packing a breeze:

Start with a Great Suitcase

Before thinking about what to pack, let’s start with what you’ll be packing everything in! A great suitcase is an essential for any girlboss on the go. The last thing you want is a suitcase that doesn’t fit everything properly, doesn’t roll or zip up correctly, or worst case scenario, breaks during your travels!

Here at Bloguettes, we don’t exactly consider ourselves to be light packers. So, when it comes to suitcases, we need something that’s sturdy, functional, and of course, cute! A brand we love for suitcases is Away. With their sturdy shells, interior compartments, and and built-in USB chargers, they make the perfect carry-on! Our absolute favorite feature by far is the built-in USB chargers, because we can’t afford to run out of charge! Plus, we’re in love with their minimal, chic design.

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Girlbosses
Photo from Stock That Rocks

Plan, Plan, Plan!

As an entrepreneur, business trips can sometimes be last-minute. However, on the rare occasion that you do have some time to prepare, use this time to plan ahead! There’s nothing worse than saving packing for the night before, only to realize that you have laundry that needs to be done! So, give yourself a few days to plan out exactly what you’ll need to bring, so that you can start gathering items ahead and get some laundry done! Once you’ve done all of your laundry, we recommend trying on your outfits! This way, you’ll be confident that you packed outfits that work for the occasion. You’ll also avoid overpacking, which we’re totally guilty of.

Make a List, Check it Twice

Going off of the previous point, use the time before your trip to make a list. Writing things out can be so helpful, because you won’t miss anything when you actually start putting things in your suitcase! Plus, if you tend to overpack like us, making a list can help you narrow things down to what you actually need. Write out everything you think you’ll need, and then go through and cut out things you can live without on your trip. Sometimes, less is more!

When it comes to making your list, there are a few resources out there that can make your life easier! Apps like PackPoint, TripList, and Packing Pro can all come in handy when you start throwing things in your bag. Plus, PackPoint even has a feature that will give you the weather forecast of your destination, so you know what kind of clothes to bring! When all else fails, you can save your packing list in your Notes app and reference it every time you travel!

The Ultimate Packing Guide for Girlbosses

Lay it All Out There

While you might be in a rush to start throwing things into your suitcase right away, don’t just yet! Lay everything out first. This way, you can visualize your outfits and pack more strategically. Plus, if you’re missing something, you’re more likely to catch it when you lay everything out first!

Keep it Simple

When it comes to your wardrobe, remember that simple is sometimes better. For example, while you might want to throw in those hot pink heels that go with that one outfit, this might not be the smartest move if you’re trying to save space. By sticking to neutrals, you can find multiple uses for the same item, which in turn equals less clutter!

Think Chronologically

Have an itinerary for your trip? Use this to help pack! Leave out the items you’ll be needing at the beginning of your trip, and pack the ones you’ll be needing later first! This way, the things you’ll need in the beginning of your trip will be on easily accessible, so you won’t have to go digging!

Go From Bottom to Top

Nobody likes a lopsided suitcase. A great tip to solve this is to pack your heavier items, such as your shoes, at the bottom! This way, when you stand your suitcase up, things are less likely to shift and move around. Plus, it will be way easier to roll!

Roll, Don’t Fold!

Wrinkly clothes are no fun, especially if you’re on a business trip! So, to prevent this, try rolling your clothes. This can help to avoid the creases that come if you were to fold them! Just in case, though, be sure to bring along a travel-size bottle of wrinkle releaser. When you un-roll your clothes, simply shake them out and use a spritz of wrinkle releaser, and you’ll be out the door!

Stay Fresh

Wanna make sure your clothes stay fresh while they’re in your suitcase? Throw a few dryer sheets in your suitcase. When you pull out your clothes, it’ll be just as though they were freshly washed! Dryer sheets will also keep any static away.

We also know how crazy busy business trips can be–when traveling here at Bloguettes, we often get off the plane and go right to our workshop venues to start preparing! So, it’s so important to have some go-to essentials in your handbag that can save you on those crazy days. One of our life-savers is rosewater facial spray–use a spritz or two to freshen up and add some life back into your skin! We also recommend keeping chapstick, a travel size perfume and hand lotion, powder, bronzer, mascara, and maybe even some dry shampoo handy!

Give Yourself Some Space

When it’s time to pack up and go home, it always seems as though your pile of clothes grows or your suitcase shrinks (we can’t decide). So, while you’re packing, keep this in mind! Do you plan to purchase anything on your trip? Make sure you have a place for it when you head home. You don’t want to be sitting on your suitcase trying to close it moments before you have to leave!

Bonus: Our Travel Must-Haves

Now, before you get to packing, we want to leave you with some of our must-haves when we travel! Here they are:



Whether you’re heading out for a conference or a company retreat, be sure to keep these tips and tricks in mind as you pack! You’ll be a packing pro in no time!

What are some of your tried and true packing tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! Also, if you want to keep up with our future blog posts, be sure to give us a follow on Bloglovin’!

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