Underwater Photography Equipment For Summer Vacations

Underwater Photography Equipment You Need For Summer - Bloguettes


Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to take your photography below sea (or pool) level–especially if you’re planning on capturing your summer vacation. To do that though, you’ll need some fool-proof underwater photography equipment. Here are a few of our favorite waterproof wonders to safely take your preferred photography method into the deep-end with you!

DSLR Waterproof Case

We LOVE this case! As soon as you get over the very reasonable fear of taking your beloved DSLR camera for its first swim, you will fall in love with this case too. Much like a dry bag made for canoeing, this product is simple. It is a clear pouch made to exclusively fit snug around your DSLR camera, that allows you to take it safely underwater. For under $50, you can take the same high-quality photos you do on land, underwater. The only drawback is that you can’t really change the settings once you are underwater so you’ll need to set your shutter and lighting before submerging.

GoPro Hero 3

We have all seen the impeccably clear, wide lens footage shot with this pint-sized camera. While we often associate GoPro usage with dare-devil skydives and epic skiing runs, it is also amazing for water photography. The GoPro Hero 3 is compact, lightweight and was invented to capture amazing moments while withstanding all the elements. It is the perfect camera to throw in your travel bag to shoot breathtaking videos of you cliff diving into waterfalls, snorkeling beside a school of fish or sipping cocktails while bobbing about on huge pool floats. Although the idea of purchasing a new camera simply for underwater use may seem over the top to some, this fun-sized camera is a must have for any adventuresome blogger.

FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case

Not ready to take the plunge with your baby? You can still take your photography down under with this smartphone case. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person without their phone on them. This waterproof case works with any smartphone that is 5.3” or smaller. It is the perfect accessory for boating, river rafting, or any other outdoor activity that involves getting wet. It also allows you to fully submerge the case to take photos underwater. While the heat-censored buttons are a bit temperamental under the sea, you can still use your volume buttons to activate the shutter. Coming in at under $10, this case is a painless purchase that gives you the ability to share water-kissed photos with your readers.

Do you know of any waterproof photography equipment? Leave us a comment below!

Underwater Photography Equipment You Need For Summer - Bloguettes: Going on a trip? Capture everything under the crystal clear seas with some of our favorite underwater photography gear!