Unrealistic Expectations You Have For Social Media

Unrealistic Expectations You Have For Social Media - Bloguettes


Unrealistic Expectations You Have For Social Media - Bloguettes: When it comes to social media for our business, sometimes we have unrealistic expectations. Turn those unrealistic ideas into realistic ones with these tips!

We all have big dreams. And big dreams are great! That is, until they go from great and realistic to absolutely unfathomable. While we all want our companies and goals to be the biggest and best things out there, there comes a time when we actually do need to step back and see if what we’re trying to achieve is realistic—especially when it comes to conquering the world of social media.

Keep in mind, this isn’t us taking a Thor-sized hammer and raining justice on your innocent cloud of dreams. Think of this as us helping you see what unrealistic expectations you currently have and how to replace them with more realistic expectations. Because in the end? Realistic means achievement, which ultimately leads you to success.

Unrealistic Expectations You Need To Ditch

Have a Ton of Followers From the Get-Go

When you start your Instagram or Facebook (or any other social media platform out there), you’re starting from square zero. This means you’ll be starting from exactly that—ZERO. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Every giant company you see on TV started from zero and it’s all part of the process. Buying followers and going from zero to 2000 overnight is sketchy, looks desperate, and honestly? It just makes people not want to follow you. When you’re first starting out, credibility and reputation is something essential you need to build. Basing your future brand on fake followers is the opposite of a good, credible foundation.

Posting Every Hour

You know that acquaintance of yours that posts every hour on the hour? You might like their photos in the beginning, but after months of seeing User X plastered across every nook and cranny, you get sick of them and may go as far as unfollowing them later on. The same things goes for your business. Not to mention, as annoying as it is for users to see a million and one photos of your stuff in their feed, posting every hour will ultimately take a toll on you. All those posts are pieces of content you need to create, post, and caption, and let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that.

You Need To Be Everywhere NOW

Social media is fast. People are uploading, people are reading, and people are exiting. Even though everyone says you need to be on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and everything in between, thinking you need to (and can) be everywhere when you first start out is unrealistic. Yes, your ultimate goal can be to end up and have significant followings on all those channels, but if you’re just starting your brand, try to focus on one or two channels and grow your base on there. Once you have a loyal following, you can open up the door to other channels. If you’ve developed a diehard tribe, they’ll be sure to give you that follow on your other platforms.

Thinking You’ll Never Get Negative Comments

Okay, we’re not saying that if your business or brand is on social media, a tornado of negative comments is hiding in the shadows just waiting to tear you apart. But we do want to say that you need to brace yourself for negative comments. Not everyone will like you. As the saying goes, “You could be the juiciest peach in the world, but there’s still going to be someone out there that hates peaches.” All you can do is post your content and hope for the best.

If someone happens to comment that your blog post wasn’t helpful enough, or your outfit is weird, or that you’re wearing too much makeup, brush it off. It’ll sting, but the best thing you can do is move on. If you let one negative comment affect your desire to continue to make content, you’ll end up disappointing all the people who do actually like your content. At the same time, you’ll be giving up on yourself and that, dear friends, is the opposite of why you started your business or brand in the first place.

Having expectations is a necessary part of striving to be bigger & better. Just make sure that when you’re shooting for the moon, you create manageable milestones that can get you there.