How to Use Pinterest and Facebook to Grow Your Business



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It’s no secret that social media can be an amazing tool for growing your business. Today, brands of all kinds rely on platforms like Pinterest and Facebook to build brand exposure, drive traffic to their site, boost sales, and more!

Here at Bloguettes, we know the benefits that come with having a strong social media strategy, however we also know the challenges that can come with trying to stand out in a crowded market. So, at our 2018 Workshop, we’re bringing in social media guru Lorelei Orfeo!

Lorelei is the Senior Manager of Content & Social Media at Birchbox, one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes on the market. Social media has played a huge role in the success of Birchbox, and at our Workshop, Lorelei will be sharing all of her expert tips and tricks on how you can use Pinterest and Facebook to grow your biz! Read on to get to know Lorelei and get a sneak peek at what her sessions will be like:

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got to where you are today!

I’m originally from a small town outside of Buffalo, New York and went to undergrad at a liberal arts college in Ohio before moving to NYC about two weeks after graduation. My first full-time gig was working at a boutique PR agency, managing the accounts for several small jewelry and handbag designers. From there I started working on marketing at an early-stage startup before meeting the three co-founders of Birchbox the summer before they launched. It was love at first “site” for me and I was thrilled when the co-founding director of content, Mollie Chen, offered me a job helping her build our content & social media.

It’s been seven years since then and I’ve worked on all aspects of our content and social media—from writing marketing copy, to producing and starring in hundreds of videos, launching our Pinterest account and community managing our Facebook Page. It’s been a wild ride as our team has expanded so much and there are so many things I never could have imagining working on during my time here when I joined the company.

Let’s talk a little bit about your role at Birchbox. What do you do as Senior Manager of Content & Social Media?

A little bit of everything but my primary responsibilities are to oversee the planning and execution of our monthly content lineup and make sure our content is on brand for Birchbox and engaging for our audience.

Day to day I am always running between meetings about strategy and creative execution, video and photoshoots in our studio, or brainstorming and writing or storyboarding new content. In between, I’ll check in on our social channels and post an Instagram and see how customers are reacting to current posts. I work closely with most other teams at Birchbox and have a hand in almost every marketing campaign we run in one way or another.

Pinterest and Facebook are such powerful tools for building brand awareness. How have these platforms helped Birchbox to become what it is today?

Social media in general has been a huge part of Birchbox’s growth—vloggers unboxing Birchboxes on YouTube was the first really big driver of organic growth for the company.

From the beginning, word of mouth over social media, including followers sharing photos of the bright pink shipping box and the products inside, has also been an important part of building our community and spreading the word. The company was founded with content, providing context to the samples we receive and further helping to cut through the clutter of so many beauty products, at the core of everything we do. Sharing that content on Facebook and Pinterest has always been an important part of our strategy and helped to differentiate us, particularly our video content and in the last two years our Facebook Live content.

For our customers, we’re not just another beauty company—there’s a deeper relationship there. Today, we’re also investing significantly in ads that are driving awareness and acquisition on social media, primarily Facebook but Instagram and Pinterest as well.

A common misconception is that Pinterest is only for browsing recipes and wedding inspiration. However, it has proven to be an amazing tool for businesses! In your opinion, what types of brands can benefit most from using Pinterest?

In addition to food and wedding companies, brands in the fashion, beauty, home décor, entertaining, design/stationery, wellness, and travel spaces are all a natural fit for the platform!

What are 3 characteristics of a successful Pinterest account?

  1. 1

    Inspirational—the content should be beautiful and shareable.

  2. 2

    Authentic—You should be sharing great content and providing value throughout and less direct sales posts.

  3. 3

    Consistent but flexible—don’t just set it and forget it. You need to be consistently consuming and sharing content on the platform to continue to grow. For posts that you do expect to drive traffic back to your site, be flexible in testing different creative and copy. You never truly know what will work best or resonate on any platform until you test.

More and more brands are starting to incorporate video into their marketing strategy. What are the benefits of utilizing video, particularly on Facebook?

Video is the most authentic and engaging way to interact with customers. If you’re able to get in front of them with video, they’re more likely to convert and have stronger brand recognition. Video is more-eye catching in general so even adding small movement with title graphics or gif-like movement can help capture attention as viewers are scrolling through their feed.


"Video is the most authentic and engaging way to interact with customers."

What advice would you give to someone who wants to create engaging videos on a small budget?

Don’t be afraid to dive in and start testing on your own with tools that most of us already have: a camera on your phone and access to tons of free or cheap video apps (Boomerang, Hyperlapse, and Videoshop, and Legend are a few of my favorites). Once you start testing and sharing videos with your audience, you can get a sense of what works and how much you want to invest in more equipment or people resources.

To make engaging video, I always recommend worrying more about the content, what value you’re providing, and how interesting it is (either visually or content-wise) before worrying about how great the lighting is or what camera you’re going to shoot it with, etc. If it’s good content, your social audience truly will not care that it’s shot on an iPhone in less-than-perfect lighting. Of course, it needs to have a base level of quality to be brand-appropriate but most brands tend to worry about that way more than their customers do and authenticity suffers as a result.

When you’re editing the video, try to keep it as short and snappy as possible. Don’t show me something in 30 seconds than can be understood in ten seconds. If you’re not sure, try cutting the video down to shorter than you are comfortable with and work backwards—what is the minimum amount of time you need to demonstrate something for the viewer to understand it?

Give us a sneak peek of what we can expect from your workshop sessions!

Lots of hands-on tips for creating content that works well on Pinterest and videos across social channels!

When you’re not busy overseeing content at Birchbox, what can we find you doing?

I’m in the process of launching a personal blog about jewelry called WhatLoKnows so I’m working on that on the weekends. My boyfriend and I love to travel so we’re usually planning a trip somewhere or recovering from one—OR watching a lot of Netflix…

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