Using Twitter to Grow Your Brand



Photo from Stock That Rocks

For many people, the concept of Twitter can be confusing, especially as it relates to using this social media platform for your blog or brand. Truthfully, Twitter is an extremely easy product to use; it just takes a little bit of practice! However, in today’s crowded social media landscape, it can be hard to make your Twitter account stand out. Read on to see some of our favorite strategies to both help you get noticed as well as grow your brand.

TWITTER1Engagement on social media platforms is the best and easiest way to help your account. When it comes to Twitter, think of it like a conversation rather than a series of interactions. Truly listen and pay attention to all of your exchanges. Follow people who truly interest you, people who inspire you, and people who are a part of your industry. Twitter can be an amazing resource to connect with experts and professionals, as well as your followers. Respond to people, retweet people, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to connect with others and gain followers!

TWITTER2You don’t need to be on Twitter every second of every day, but it’s important to remain regularly active or you risk losing followers. People expect a certain level of activity from you, especially once your account is more established! The same can be said for the general tone of your account. Keep it both professional and positive and try not to stray from this. Remember that all of your social media accounts reflect your business, and act as such.

TWITTER3With only 140 characters to use, it can be tricky to keep your content fresh! However, there are many ways to stay creative. Uploading photos is a great option, especially since they can be seen in the Twitter newsfeed now. Links to other sources are great as well, especially when they lead to your blog or other sites that relate to your business! Perhaps one of the most important things you can do on Twitter is to utilize hashtags. Don’t overdo it with a million hashtags, but use relevant hashtags that actually relate to your tweets/business/blog. People constantly click on hashtags to search for other content, and you never know how many people you can attract to your feed when you use them properly!

TWITTER4Real relationships can be formed through meeting and engaging with people on Twitter. Don’t underestimate this and take it seriously as a business opportunity. The power of networking is truly incredible, and making the right connection with the right person can make a world of difference for your blog and business.

Staying active and authentic on Twitter can open up so many doors for your blog. Have fun with it and the possibilities are endless!