Vloggers vs. Bloggers: Which Outlet is for You?



To vlog, or not to vlog, that is the question.

Whether you are just starting out or have already been sharing your unique insights and passion with the online world for years, it is important to figure out what is the most effective outlet for you.

In order to figure out whether you should be a vlogger or a blogger you must first understand your audience. Today we live in a world of instant gratification. We all most literally have the world at our fingertips. We carry around mini computers in our pockets all day and can answer any question with a few taps on the keyboard. You and your friends debating over what year the Spice Girls movie came out? Boom–1997! You want to make chicken piccata for dinner? Instantly see hundreds of recipes. Desperate to make curls stay in your hair longer than ten minutes? Learn tips and tricks from the pros. We have every answer we could ever want, but the key is to present that information in the most effective way.

When looking for a cooking tutorial would you rather read along with the instructions while making the meal or watch someone prepare it over a thirty minute video and have them talk you through each step? This is the question you must ask yourself. How is my brand best received? Is your audience the type who will watch a five to ten minute video or would they rather read a 300 word article about the same thing? If you aren’t sure how to answer this question, read through the following questions to help with your decision.

Is my topic visually stimulating?

When it comes to creating a vlog you have to make sure that your content is best told in a video format. For example, set by set processes are exemplary for vlogging. Whether you are showing how to achieve the perfect contoured make up application or demonstrating the best exercises for killer abs, vlogging allows you to teach your audience something that would not make as much sense if they were simply reading it.

Is your audience the type who will watch a five minute video or would they rather read a 300 word article?

Does your brand voice come across more strongly in video?

Vlogging is also ideal if you have a strong personality and brand voice but have trouble conveying emotion or relatability over written word. Be honest with yourself and with your brand. We all have strengths and weaknesses as storytellers but luckily there are a million ways to tell every story. All you have to do is figure out how to best tell your brand’s story.

Do you feel comfortable in front of the camera?

There is something extremely powerful about having someone speaking directly to you in a video but only if that person does so naturally. If you cannot bear to listen to your voice on a recording or get consumed with fixing your hair and adjusting your shirt the entire way through a video, vlogging is probably not right for you. (And that is okay!)

If you answered yes to all three questions then a vlogger you must be! The beauty of the internet is that you don’t have to be just one thing, so explore what is best for you and your brand. If you feel like most of your content is best digested in a blog format but have a wonderful idea for a singular video, make it! There is no right or wrong when it comes to telling your brands story as long as you are true to its message.


Jeremy Adriana Mitchell is a quick-witted wordsmith with an affinity for taco trucks and green juices. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she writes by day and plans her next globetrotting adventure by night.