So, You Want To Start An E-Course?

So, You Want To Start An E-Course? - Bloguettes


So, you think you have a killer e-course idea…that’s great! E-courses have become insanely popular (and profitable) over the past few years. Making them a wonderful way to grow your business, if the course is right. To help you figure out if your current idea for an e-course is THE e-course you should be teaching, ask yourself the following questions:

What Do You KNOW?

We all have our mental strengths and weaknesses that stem from our unique life experiences. What pearl of wisdom has your life’s journey prepared you to share with others? This can be a specific talent or ability, such as specialized WordPress customization or a more generalized state of mind of personal practice. Think about how you learned whatever this skill or mantra is and who would benefit from your knowledge.

What Do You LOVE?

Just because you have the understanding and capability to do something does not mean that you should teach that topic. Think about your all-time favorite teacher in school. Yes, they were proficient in whatever class they taught you about, but that is not what made them your favorite. They were your favorite because they loved what they were teaching you. Their passion about teaching Roman history or trigonomics made you passionate about learning it. In order to teach a truly impactful e-course you must love the subject matter you are delivering.

What Does Your Audience NEED?

A business cannot sell off its supply unless there is a demand for it. And while hand stitching mini lace gloves for ferrets may be something you know how to do and are passionate doing, that does not mean that it would make for a successful e-course. If your audience is not yearning for the information you are able to provide, they are not going to spend their time or money on learning it.

A great way to ensure that you’re creating an e-course that there is a demand for is to create a course that solves a problem that your audience has. The magic formula to developing an e-course that people will flock to spend money on, is to solve a specific problem your audience is currently experiencing with something that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about.