A Week in the Work Life of Sakura: Vlog

A Week in the Work Life of Sakura: Vlog


A Week in the Work Life of Sakura - Bloguettes

Wondering what it’s like to be the Co-Founder and Creative Brand Director of Bloguettes? Watch Sakura’s vlog to get an inside look at what a week in her work life is like!

After watching, be sure to check out her Q&A below!

Q&A With Sakura:

What is your favorite part of the workday?

I love collaborative team meetings! Not only are they productive, but I also find them to be very motivational and fun for everyone to get together and brainstorm new ideas and new strategies for the company! Lorena and I are very fortunate to have such an amazing team here at Bloguettes, and it just makes coming into the office 10x better than it already is!

How often do you take stock photos at Bloguettes, and where do you get your inspiration for photos?

We typically have anywhere from 2-5 shoots a month, and that’s not including blog photos or other brand partnership shoots! We get inspiration from all sorts of places, but we typically have a mood board for every shoot that we put together on Pinterest! We pride ourselves on our non-cheesy stock photos, so we find inspiration in our day to day activity as well and add that lifestyle touch to it!

What are your top 3 tips for staying organized at the office?

Sakura's 3 Tips for Office Organization

  1. 1

    FILE, FILE, FILE– and immediately!  I’m all about filing cabinets and putting things away immediately so you don’t have a stack of papers to file for 3 hours.

  2. 2

    Have two computer displays– one for work and one for play!  I like to have my external monitor connected to my laptop and have my large monitor to be my “work screen”- emails, calendar, browser, etc. The other screen is for my iMessage (texting), Slack, and all communication tools that can distract me. This way, I focus on my large monitor to be productive with work without seeing any notifications for a new text message or chat box!

  3. 3

    All google everything!  I’m an advocate for Google calendars, Google docs, and Google sheets!  Without any of these tools, my life would be in absolute shambles.

How do you stay motivated to work out during a busy week?

Music! Everyone in the office will tell you what an important role music plays in my day to day activity. I’m always asking to turn up the music or change the music to something upbeat. I believe that happiness brings productivity and for me, music brings me happiness & motivation! I listen to music in my car or when I’m working to pump me up to stay motivated and go work out.  Working out also allows me to destress and take my mind off of things, so it definitely keeps me sane!

Take us through the photo selection process for Instagram. What do you look for in photos?

It’s quite the process, but the marketing team sends me a schedule of what needs to be pushed on what day on Instagram the week before. I then go in and schedule what photos look good next to what. I typically pair simple photos next to busy photos, but our overall brand is pretty minimal, authentic, and has that lifestyle touch!

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