What Are Rich Pins?



Photo from Stock That Rocks

By now, most people are aware that Pinterest is dominated by women with some serious buying power. It’s become the go-to site for conducting research on what clothes to buy, what recipes to try and even where to plan your next trip. Just like we often ask our girlfriends for advice in our day-to-day lives (i.e. What do you think of these boots? Should I buy them?), Pinterest is the place where a person can get tons of advice, all at once, from tens of millions of people whose taste you trust and admire.

There’s been tons of talk on how businesses and brands can make the most of their Pinterest presence, but one of our most favorites by far is through Rich Pins. According to the Pinterest website, “Rich pins are pins that include extra information right on the pin itself. Right now, there are five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place.” Here is what a Rich Pin (circled in pink) looks like in your feed:


And here is an example of a regular ol’ non-Rich Pin:


Notice how the Rich Pin includes a bold title, the name of the site it’s been pinned from, and the source site’s favicon, making it stand out from other pins within the feed. When you open up a Rich Pin, even more information can be found.


Recipe Rich Pins are great examples–they list the ingredients needed to make the recipe, and can even include total cook time and cooking instructions. The other four types of Rich pins (movie, article, place and product) work similarly in that they provide as much information about the pin right then and there, rather than forcing pinners to navigate away to get more information. Place Rich Pins include maps and contact info, Movie Rich Pins include reviews and ratings, and Article Rich Pins include headline, author and a summary. Product Rich Pins even show the price and inventory of the product in real-time, meaning if the price drops or if a product is sold out, it will be reflected within the pin. Additionally, if a user pins a Product Rich Pin, and that product goes on sale, they’ll receive an email notifying them of the price reduction–how cool is that?!?

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Keep in mind that the Rich Pin application and approval process can take a while, and you may need some help from a developer to get started. But if you’re a brand, business or blogger looking to boost your traffic through Pinterest, we highly recommend getting a Pinterest business account and seeing if any of the five types of Rich Pins can be of benefit to you.