What Do I Include In My Media Kit?

What Do I Include In a Media Kit?


What do Emily Schuman, Aimee Song and Oprah have in common other than their brilliant smiles? If you guessed a media kit–ding ding!–you’re a winner! We can all agree that there is a TON we can learn from these three ladies when it comes to creating a successful brand.

In this post, we are going to lay out just how important it is to have a media kit, as well as, what you need to include in it. If you want to make money (whether it be a little cash on the side, or the quit-your-day-job-and-vacation-in-Bora-Bora kind of money), you’re going to need a stellar media kit. We’ll teach you how! Are you ready?

What’s A Media Kit?

A media kit is a concise document that encompasses everything you and your brand have to offer. It is then shared with potential sponsors in order for them to determine your value. Think of your media kit like your resumé; you want it to be impressive, honest, and memorable. First, let’s start out with the three L’s: length, layout and language.


It is important that your media kit is easily digestible. Keep it short and sweet. 1-3 visually engaging pages that can be skimmed over by your readers is pretty standard. Remember that only pertinent information that will pique interest belongs here.


The layout of your media kit is directly correlated to its length. Make sure you don’t have huge blocks of text or analytics displayed in a stale or uninviting way. Your media kit should be an extension of your brand and therefore, should look like it. If your site is filled with photos and colors, your media kit shouldn’t be black and white with Times New Roman font. Include graphics, splashes of color, and pictures whenever it makes sense!


Another way you can show your unique brand, is through the language you choose. Although this is a professional document, for all intents and purposes, it is still about you. Use the same voice you would on your site (unless you are super risqué–in that case, try to keep your language more polished). If your company is witty and playful, try using headlines as a way to showcase your creativity. Ensure that your personality and brand voice are clear throughout the entire media kit.

Make It Personal

You are trying to get brands and companies to choose you, so now it’s time to show them who you are! Add a photo of yourself that you’re proud of—one that radiates your confidence in yourself and your company.

Include a succinct summary of your brand that lays out your site’s mission statement. Explain why you’re here and what sets you apart from every other blogger or business out there. Along with this, add your personal bio to highlight a few amazing accomplishments you have outside of your brand. Here, you can tailor your accomplishments and interests to show potential sponsors why you are right to align with their company. Don’t forget to include all of your contact info and your social media handles! If a company is interested in learning more just by reading the small description of you and your company, make sure it’s easy for them to check out your work in its entirety.

The Nitty-Gritty

Show them your numbers! When a brand is interested in your reach, they want to see your loyal audience and it helps to show them how much visibility a partnership with you will give them. It can be tempting to make yourself seem bigger than you are, but don’t give in to that temptation. Be honest—all of this information can be looked up! Even if you are just starting out and have a smaller following, be proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far. Include numbers like:

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Unique Visitors

  3. 3

    Engagement levels

  4. 4

    Average comments per post

  5. 5

    Subscription base

Make It Sparkle

Now that you have all of the absolutely pertinent information in place, it’s time to make your media kit sparkle! Pick out your all-time favorite blog post, gather together the best food/fashion/travel photos you’ve ever taken, and share raving testimonials from past clients and other respected bloggers you’ve worked with. You should also include any press mentions you may have gotten from notable magazines, blogs or websites that relate to your demographic. All of these things should act as the unforgettable takeaways for the person that is reading them. Above all, make them remember you!

Need a head start? Download our FREE Media Kit Checklist to get you in the right direction! Also, be sure to check out our Media Kit Templates!