What Do You Think Of Instagram’s Newest App?



Earlier this week, Instagram released a new app called Layout, and to be totally honest, we aren’t sure what to think. From what we can tell, it’s Instagram’s answer for users who often turn to other photo editing applications to transform and arrange photos before sharing them.

The app allows users to arrange multiple photos into a collage format, (something people have been doing for ages now) all within Instagram and without the use of external applications. We’re big believers that one great image packs a bigger punch than a collection of smaller, less detailed photos, but we have to admit that the examples Instagram has created using Layout look pretty cool. Instead of a white border in between the juxtaposed images, users have the option to forgo separating lines altogether and place pictures next to one another seamlessly. Photos can also be mirrored to create a dreamy, kaleidoscope-looking image.

Although we can’t say we’ve NEVER seen anything like this before, we can absolutely agree that Layout is breathing new life into the typical Instagram collage. In addition to providing these new editing options, Layout also has a ‘photo booth’ feature, which is exactly what it sounds like–snap a few photos at once, and Layout will automatically turn them into a collage.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of collages, or do you prefer one image when posting to Instagram? Will you use Layout, or will you continue using your other photo editing apps?