What Is a Branding Workshop Anyway?



We say it a million times over, but perhaps we should stop and take the time to explain the burning question in some people’s minds:

“What is a branding workshop anyways?”

Well, our inquisitive friend, we are so glad you asked…

Our branding workshops teach entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives the skills they need to brand themselves & show the world just how fabulous they really are. We travel to different states to educate people about social media, graphic design, photography, and the business of blogging!

Originally, our two-day branding workshops were sold for one flat rate. But after thinking about it, we’ve decided that you lovely folks deserve a treat–which is why you now have the option of attending Day 1, Day 2, or The Whole Shebang (aka our two-day workshop extravaganza)!

NYCWorkshop-16During Day 1, you’ll be introduced to the “know-how.” Throughout the day, you’ll hear from our co-founders, Lorena & Sakura, as they teach you all about social media marketing, what components go into a great picture, & the entire business behind blogs and why you should have one (just to name a few topics). Attend Day 1 if you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • How can I increase engagement & followers on my social media platforms?
  • What kind of camera should I get?
  • What should I consider when making a logo?
  • How do I make a good functional blog website?
  • What are different ways to monetize my blog?

ChicagoWorkshop-10Day 2 is all about Photoshop! We’ll be teaching you all the basics from shortcuts to what each tool is & how to use it to your advantage. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to create materials for web & print, make GIF animations, edit your own headshots, & design documents according to your own style & brand!

ChicagoWorkshop-121-1024x683While attending individuals days are a great option, we highly recommend taking both days! (Not to mention, you’ll get a discounted package deal!) After attending The Whole Shebang, you’ll be able to use your newfound knowledge and take your brand above & beyond!

Just because we love you & want you to have the best experience possible, we throw in a bunch of you’ll get catered lunch & mouthwatering morsels,

DSC_0935IMG_2169goody bags overflowing with odds & ends from sponsors all around the US,

ChicagoWorkshop-54SeattleWorkshop-24headshots to showcase that beautiful smile & killer hair of yours,

ChicagoWorkshop-105firsthand tips & advice from guest speakers,

DSC_0672DSC_0662countless photo ops (inside & outside!),

IMG_2256ChicagoWorkshop-108and leave with amazing new friends & connections!

ChicagoWorkshop-84DSC_0997 At Bloguettes, we’re all about empowering the entrepreneurial age! We want you to be able to take your ideas & have the skills to be your own photography, marketer, designer, & all around boss! The amazing people that attend our workshops say they leave with a brand new confidence & the motivation and inspiration to hit the ground running!

Interested? Click here to view our list of upcoming branding workshops! To view our new pricing & a schedule of each day, click on a specific workshop! If you want to see even more photos from our past workshops, check out our workshop gallery!