What is a Vlog?



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By definition, a vlog is a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. Pretty self-explanatory, right? If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, it’s likely you’ve watched a vlogger without even realizing it! A well-done vlog can be viewed like online episodes of Internet TV. Entertaining videos where the host (you) teach its audience something, tell a story, or simply entertain for entertainment’s sake. The vlogging world is filled with tutorials, how-to’s, funny skits, performances, reviews and so much more.

Blogging VS. Vlogging


Blogging is the perfect platform to find your voice and talk about things that you care about. Whether you’re dishing out your latest 10-minute cauliflower inspired dinner recipes, have a blog about deep political issues happening in the world, or you create a space for your best beauty tips and tricks. However, if you’re starting a blog, incorporating video elements may help you build a following. Most online users have been so conditioned to only react to visual elements, so having both video and written content on your site is the ideal combo!


Being able to look your audience in the eye and have them hear your voice is a great way to cultivate a trusting relationship with them. Another pro to vlogging is that your videos are live on YouTube. YouTube reaches an unmatched amount of people daily, and is so easily shared and distributed around the world. This instantaneous ability to connect with people around the globe is perfect if your brand’s content can be well showcased on it. Take a look at popular vloggers within your specific brand category, pinpoint what is so captivating or charming about way in which they blog, and then ask yourself if you could do that while adding a different value or approach altogether.

Thing to consider before you start:

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    Is my topic visually stimulating? When it comes to creating a vlog you have to make sure that your content is best told in a video format. For example, set by set processes are exemplary for vlogging. Whether you are showing how to achieve the perfect contoured make-up application or demonstrating the best exercises for killer abs, vlogging allows you to teach your audience something that would not make as much sense if they were simply reading it.

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    Does your brand voice come across better through video? Vlogging is also ideal if you have a strong personality and brand voice but have trouble conveying emotion or relatability over written word. Be honest with yourself and with your brand. We all have strengths and weaknesses as storytellers but luckily there are a million ways to tell every story. All you have to do is figure out how to best tell your brand’s story.

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    And, most importantly… do you feel comfortable in front of the camera? There is something extremely powerful about having someone speaking directly to you in a video but only if that person does so naturally. If you cannot bear to listen to your voice on a recording or get consumed with fixing your hair and adjusting your shirt the entire way through a video, vlogging is probably not right for you. (And that is okay!)

How to become a vlogger:

  • Find a topic you’re interested in talking about!
  • Create a YouTube account with a name that will bring in the viewers and subscribers
  • Make a good number of videos and edit them. You want to have options about what to post and when (consistency is key!)
  • Stay active!
  • Be sure to reach out to your subscribers and follower! Communication is a two-way street.

What to use for your vlog:

What’s so great about this day and age is that you can become a vlogger using your cell phone camera, laptop camera, and of course actual cameras like DSLRs! (To see what our videographer uses be sure to check out our videography kit here)

How we vlog:

What kind of vlogs do you watch the most? Are you going to start vlogging on your own? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow us on Bloglovin’ to keep up with all of our latest posts.