What’s Happening On Instagram Lately



We love us a good social media network or two (or seven if we are being truthful). We aren’t afraid to shout our love of social media from the rooftops and we are always looking for the newest networks, apps, and updates to play around with. That being said, even we can admit there is a lot to keep up to date on. The tech world changes faster that we can say, “Do you mind if I take a picture?” at Sunday brunch. Did you know that Instagram has recently launched not one, but three updates to the app in recent weeks? They sure do sneak up on you which is why we have all the need to know info on the changes.

Events Video Channel

The social networks keep each other on their toes and Instagram must have been pretty envious of Twitter’s ability to capture events that are happening right now. The photo sharing app has introduced a new events video channel in the “Explore” tab. You will be able to view videos from concerts, sporting events, and other fun events. This new channel doesn’t feature any old event, just the major ones. There will have to be a certain amount of videos posted regarding the event within a 24-hour period.


Watch out Snapchat! Instagram is coming for you with their new “Stories” feature which is pretty similar to Snapchat stories minus the silly filters. You can share multiple photos and videos within a day that will be displayed in a slideshow format and they will disappear within 24 hours. Perfect for fun posts that you don’t want to disrupt your perfectly curated feed!

Goodbye Comments (If you want!)

Instagram is very aware that some not so nice things are said in the comments of many Instagram posts. They are now doing their part to eliminate some of the hate by giving users the options of disabling comments on their posts. They are testing the feature out with celebrities and businesses first but, but keep an eye out for when it comes to all users soon!

Are you happy with the changes Instagram has been making? Or are you sick of having to keep up?

featured image credit: Stock That Rocks