When and Where To Hand Out Your Business Cards



Okay, we realize the topic sounds like a no-brainer, but we found there’s a bit more technique involved in handing out business cards. A simple, “Hey girl, here’s my card,” doesn’t really do anything beneficial for you unless you’re Ryan Gosling—which, if you actually are Ryan Gosling, you can personally come hand us your business cards anytime—we won’t mind!

But, back on topic…There are creative, efficient ways to hand out your business cards than most people realize. Check out the five different methods we’re talking about today!

Cordial Conversations

This is perhaps the most common approach. If you’re having a conversation with someone and your personal business comes into play, you should have your business cards on hand. But keep in mind that flinging them around like confetti won’t do anything for you. Business cards don’t grow on trees, so you want to give them to people who you think will actually take the time to look into your business. Bestow your business card to someone you think you can connect with going forward.

Conference Connections

We recently attended the Alt Summit conference in Salt Lake City. That, dear friends, is a perfect example of where to take your business cards. At blogger and small business conferences, you meet a bunch of people. Use that opportunity to network and see what people can do for you and what you can simultaneously do for them. Giving out physical business cards allows the other person remember you after the conference ends. Even if you think to yourself, “I’m definitely going to remember them,” after all the faces you meet at a conference, names of people, businesses, and blogs can end up in a mumble-jumbled swirl of letters in your head. Help others, and yourself, by giving them something concrete to remember you by.

Mail Memorabilia

If you’re a small business owner and have product to sell, slipping one of your business cards in the package is a smart move. The people buying your products are familiar with your brand and will recommend your items to others. If you’re a blogger and host giveaways, attaching a business card with a letter of congrats is a good way to build a following. Adding a business card to a letter written to another blogger can be a good added visual and a subtle way to tell them you’re down to do business.

Pick a few restaurants or shops around town that mesh well with your brand & ask if you can leave a few business cards with them.

Fan Frenzy

This tactic is a bit rarer than the others. As bloggers and small business owners, there may be a few die-hard followers that stick out above the rest. They comment on everything, they share your posts, and whenever you send out a tweet of distress, they’re right there retweeting their hearts out for you. For these people, make them unofficial ‘ambassadors’ for your brand. Send them a letter of thanks with a little stack of business cards (and maybe a small gift if you’re able!) and tell them to spread the word! They’ll feel like they’re a part of your mission and as a result, they’ll feel even more invested in your brand.

Local Love

If you have some business cards to spare, you can sprinkle a few business cards around town. Cute restaurants, clothing shops, and mirrors of quaint hotel lobby bathrooms are all unique places you can plant your cards. Make sure the places you leave your business card at are similar to your brand’s image.

We’re hoping this post helps spark some creative juices when you receive your first (or 50th!) batch of business cards. Think outside the box and if you have any other ingenious ways to hand out your business cards, leave us your words of wisdom!