Are These The Emojis We’ve Been Missing?



One of life’s greatest mysteries: Where is the taco emoji? There’s not a Taco Tuesday that goes by that we don’t stop to ponder the thought. But let’s for a second put aside our appetite for Mexican food, and consider the countless other emojis missing from our lives.

Lucky for us, the Unicode emoji subcommittee has made this quite easy with their recently released guide titled “Emoji Additions: Animals, Compatibility, and More Popular Requests.” Yes, we are being completely serious. The guide is an 11-page document listing the most in-demand, yet-to-exist emojis. If this isn’t already blowing your mind (there is an emoji subcommittee for Pete’s sake), let us take it one step further by telling you that the taco emoji DIDN’T MAKE THE LIST.

We’ll give you a minute to process.

Among the emoji elite that DID make the list? A potato, a black heart, and a motorized scooter. We don’t get it either. However, proponents of the taco emoji are not taking this news lying down. Taco Bell is petitioning for the taco emoji in a big way (and over 30,000 people have already signed). So, take that potato emoji. We’re coming for ya!

Keep in mind that all the emojis in the guide are merely suggestions being made by the Unicode emoji subcommittee, and there’s no hard evidence that any of the proposed emojis will make the cut when the time comes, whenever that is.