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How to Choose the Right Camera Lens


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Here at Bloguettes, we get asked quite a bit what kinds of equipment we use to take our photos and what camera lenses we recommend. So, we decided to have our Photography Director Taylor to give you her expert tips and tricks when it comes to capturing the perfect shot!

Taylor is an amazingly talented photographer, and she takes most of the photos you see on our blog, social media, and Stock That Rocks collection. Read along as she shares how to choose the right camera lens for different scenarios:


How to Choose the Best Camera Lens

It’s no surprise that we take a TON of photos here at Bloguettes! Most of the time we shoot on our Canon EOS 5D Mark III, but there are some situations where an iPhone will take amazing photos! So when should you use what lens? Follow along as I share some tips on when you should use what camera lens when!

iPhone vs. DSLR

There’s a lot of debate as to whether you should use your iPhone or a high-quality DSLR camera to take your photos. Here’s a quick overview of the differences between the two:

DSLR: Photos taken with a DSLR can be edited without losing too much of the overall image quality! (grain or color loss). A DSLR should be used for all professional settings, but can be used for social media as well!

iPhone: Photos taken with an iPhone can only be edited so much until you start to see grain. So, iPhones are great for social media and taking photos with friends or for fun!

  • Photo taken with DSLR
  • Photo taken with iPhone

How to Choose the Right Lens for Different Settings


When it comes to taking portraits, it really depends on the situation! If you are out with your friends and want to take a quick selfie, an iPhone will work! However, if you are taking photos for a professional platform such as your website, LinkedIn profile, or media kit, I would suggest using a DLSR.

For our company headshots, stock photos, and blog post photos, we use a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR with a canon 35mm 2.0 lens. We also have a Sigma 24-70mm lens that we love and use when we need to get wider shots! Both of these lenses are great for versatility and will provide higher quality images with more detail than an iphone camera would! For our Instagram account we use a variety of both iphone and DSLR photos!

Flat Lays

Everyone loves a good flat lay! I tend to use a mixture of both but if you are taking a photo that is for professional use such as on a blog or website, then I would say use a DSLR with a 35mm lens! If you are out with friends and want to get a flat lay of your brunch to post on Instagram, then an iphone will get the job done!

Stock That Rocks

Here are some tips to keep in mind when taking flat lays:

  1. 1

    If you’re uploading to Instagram, visualize how to capture an image that will fit a square!

  2. 2

    Try to have some larger items be the main focus and then have some smaller objects be used as fillers.

  3. 3

    Keep in mind that not everything has to be in the frame! It makes it look more interesting when only parts of certain pieces are shown.

Indoors & Outdoors

When it comes to taking photos indoors, good lighting is key! If you’re taking a photo inside, make sure to shoot near a window or somewhere that provides a lot of natural light. Shots taken on a DSLR are easily brightened up and can be pretty heavily edited without losing too much of the image quality! (grain or color loss) While an iPhone photo would look okay, one notch of brightness or exposure too far, and we’d start to get some grain. In this situation, the DSLR camera lens would be your best bet.

On the other hand, outdoor lighting can be a bit more tricky! The best times to shoot at are early morning or late afternoon right before sunset (golden hour) when the sun is not as intense. Direct sunlight can look very harsh and create shadows. If you are taking portrait photos, you most likely do not want harsh shadows across your subject’s face. Shade usually works best and will provide an even amount of light.

Curious about what we keep in our photography kit? Check out a full list of our faves here!

If you have any photography-related questions, leave them in the comments below!