Who Can Benefit From Food Styling?



Benefits Food Styling

Food pics have taken over the world.

We realize you might hate the fact that foodies love taking pictures of their sandwiches, their bbq spread, their brunch dates, and anything else they consume, but you have to admit, when you see a good food photo, you want it—and you want it now.

Food styling and food photography have come a long way from the blurry snaps on Insta you would see about someone’s McDouble a few years back. It’s become a sort of art form and in today’s world of social media, it’s a handy skill to have.

Who Can Benefit From Food Styling

Constance Higley- Food Styling Drink
photo by Constance Higley 

The Restaurants

Obviously, if you’re a restaurant, you’ve gotta know how to style and capture your food on film. Falling in love at first bite doesn’t happen unless the food is right in front of you. Falling in love at first sight, however, is how you can hook people in from a mile away! Not to mention, having killer food photos on your business’ social media can only help you reign in new customers. Nowadays, people use Instagram like it’s a new kind of search engine. If you can get a picture to go viral and end up in the Explore page, you can prompt new interest among new followers!

The Chefs

When you hear the word ‘triple threat,’ Hollywood starlets who can act, sing, & dance probably come to mind. But little did you know that chefs can totally be a triple threat too! If you’re a chef, chances are you’re already spending a ton of time crafting original recipes. Take your career to the next level and add ‘food stylist’ and ‘food photographer’ to your resume. Doing so will build your repertoire and credibility amongst the cooks, the photographers, & the creatives.

The Bloggers

We’re not sure how one manages to travel to the coolest places, wear the prettiest things, and chow down on the tastiest food, but lifestyle bloggers do it on the daily! If you’re a blogger, knowing how to style your brunch outings and dinner get-togethers has become part of the deal. Followers look to you to show them the best hot spots in town and expect the food you eat to always look on fleek. You never know—your perfectly style photo may end up getting reposted on a restaurant’s Instagram that will end up bringing more attention to your name!

The Photographers

Photography shouldn’t be a one-note focus. Your specialty may be in a certain type of photography, but a good photographer can build their portfolio by being well-versed in all areas. Even though you may be a portrait photographer, knowing food styling can only help you strengthen your skills. Let’s say you’re taking portraits of a family on a picnic in the park. Yes, the focus will be on the family, but if the food in the photo looks wilted and unappetizing, it can bring the entire aesthetic of the photograph down. Not only can knowing how to style food help you style dinner layouts, it can help you style photos in general!

The Writers

Just like photographers, writers should be able to adapt to any subject & any tone at the drop of a hat! Knowing how to write about food and make people drool is a serious skill–and if you can add your own food styling and photographic skills to the mix, you’ll be that much better as a writer. At Bloguettes, it’s always a plus when a skilled writer (or any position for that matter) is amazing at one thing, but also has the ability to take on different tasks. Being able to style and snap your own photos speeds up the process of publishing an article because you don’t have to wait on anybody else! This way, you’re also guaranteed that your pictures perfectly align with what you’re envisioning for the final product!

photo & styling by Constance Higley

Knowing how to style food isn’t solely limited to food items—knowing how to style food will translate across all photos in general. You might think perfectly styled bruschetta is something only restaurants and chefs need to know. But in reality? That perfectly styled bruschetta photo utilizes the same styling and photography techniques used to capture flat lays, interior design setups, group photos, & just about anything else for any social media platform.

We could go on about how knowing food styling and photography can help anyone trying to brand themselves or their business, but we want you to experience it firsthand instead. On Saturday, November 7th, we’ll be having our first Food Styling Workshop where local food stylist and photographer, Constance Higley, will go over the techniques you need to know to style and shoot amazing food masterpieces!

Throughout the day, chef Brendan McCaskey will hand-cook savory meals for students to work with as Constance teaches and walks around helping students style and photograph various dishes. At the end of the night, students will get to mingle and sit alongside each other at a sit-down meal. Not only will students leave with full stomachs, every attendee will get to keep the kitchenware they styled with, including wooden cutting boards, French salt, mini bowls, and much more! To register or read more about the event, click here!

PS: Just for reading this blog post, treat yourself to 10% off the Food Styling workshop! Use code “BLOGUETTESFOODIES” to activate!