Why No One Comments On Your Blog



Let’s set the scene. You wrecked your brains thinking of a good blog post topic when the right one jumps out at you. You’re excited. You sit down until you have one beauty of a blog post. You take your own pictures to accompany your writing and settle everything into your platform. You take a deep breath in and click “publish.” You wait for 15 minutes and nothing. You check back in 30 minutes—still nothing. An hour goes by and then a few more hours slowly trickle away. The whole day goes by and your blog remains motionless.

A quiet blog is a sad, but all too real, happening. It’s frustrating to put so much effort into something and not get any feedback whatsoever. But fear not! If the comment section of your blog is looking a little lonely, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your blog and ask yourself these questions.

Can people easily comment on your blog?

First things first—is it easy for your readers to comment? Most of the time, readers aren’t visiting a blog just to comment. They’re there to read your content and if deemed worthy, they’ll leave a comment letting you know just how wonderful you are. It’s an act of spontaneity and if that spontaneity is abruptly paused because of CAPTCHAs, registrations, and other similar obstacles, the reader might lose interest and leave the page instead. Help yourself and your readers by making the commenting system easy.

Instead of waiting for a comment, network in the blogging community and comment on other people’s blogs.

Did you leave a CTA?

Did you leave a call to action? Did you end your blog post by asking your readers a question, their opinion, or other suggestions? It doesn’t seem like much, but a simple closing sentence asking for opinions can do wonders.

Do you respond to comments?

When someone does actually leave a comment, do you respond to them? If someone takes the time to write a little blurb on your post, be sure to thank them! Just like you want someone to respond to your work, take the time to reply back. Doing this will increase engagement and show your blog readership that you truly care to hear their feedback. If your readers know that you regularly comment back, they’ll be more willing to write a friendly hello.

Do you interact on other blogs?

You’re a blogger, so you know how much time it takes to write a good post. Instead of waiting for a comment, network in the blogging community and comment on other people’s blogs. Write genuine comments that relate to the post and praise them for a job well done. Be careful not to spam other bloggers’ posts by glorifying your own blog either. The goal is to interact and build a strong sense of community.

The next time you find yourself waiting for comments to appear, use that time to engage with other bloggers and readers. In the end, you’ll end up helping yourself and those (virtually) around you.