Why You Should Uproot & Move To A New Place



5 Reasons You Should Uproot & Move To A New Place - Bloguettes: Sick of your current situation? What's stopping you from leaving? These 5 reasons might convince you if it's time to uproot & move to a new place!

If someone were to tell you you have five more days in your current living space, what would your reaction be? Shock, fear, and instant anxiety may be three things that pop up.

Home to many means comfort. Constantly having to change locations and eventually settle in places far from home is unnerving and uncomfortable, but life is all about being uncomfortable. It’s time to get out of your original comfort zone and look forward to making a new one! Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should uproot and move to a new place.

Career Opportunity

You might be at a point where you’re stuck in a job. Or maybe you know where you want your next career opportunity to be, but are afraid to make the jump. Consider the fact that you’re holding yourself back. Try grabbing a notepad and writing down all the goals you want. Make a list of the smaller goals along with the larger ones. Start accomplishing the smaller goals in relation to your career. Overtime, you will notice your bigger career goals will be accomplished along the way.

Build A New Community

If you’re tired of seeing the same old faces, moving to a different location allows you to build a new group of friends, find a new church, school, and mentors. Instead of being afraid moving will be lonely, think of it as an opportunity to build a new circle. If you know the location you want to move to, try and connect to the community via Facebook. There, you can see what kinds of people are involved in the community, what events are going on, and gauge if it’s a true fit for you.


Stop with the doubts and the worry. Moving to a new place can give you a strong sense of individuality. Having to adapt to all the change going on around you means all your insecurities will simply fall away over time. For example, moving to a place like New York City opens up doors to explore things you didn’t have the option to before. Moving away opens up the opportunity to take classes you’ve always wanted to. This empowers you as an individual.


Along with a newfound individuality, you also gain more confidence. If you go into a situation telling yourself you can’t, you won’t. But if you decide to make the switch and go with your gut, you actually can. Being able to conquer fear and combat uncomfortable feelings, allows you to free yourself into a newfound confidence. Keeping a journal and frequently checking your progress from the first day you moved until now is living proof you’re becoming more successful and increases your drive to keep going!

Learn a New Culture

Even if it’s not China or South America, uprooting and planting yourself in the next state over exposes you to a new culture. You have the opportunity to learn new languages, taste unique foods, seek fresh rituals and encounter different social atmospheres. Check on social media with a hashtag of the city you’re moving to. Social media is a great way to see the landscape, art and overall culture of your new area. You could also follow a few people and get connected before you step foot into your new digs. Social media is powerful and so should your drive to leave everything and move to a new place!

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