Why We Love the Wacom Tablet!



As a sort of follow-up to yesterday’s post about our favorite downloadable Photoshop brush kits, today we’re talking about another one of our must-haves when using the brush tool. Do you use the Wacom tablet? If not, we’re sure you’ve heard of it or at least seen it.


The Wacom tablet is an interactive tablet on which you can write, doodle and draw–and those movements will be seen on your computer screen. It’s great when writing with the brush in Photoshop, or when you want to move things around really precisely. One of our favorite things about it is that it really does feel like a pen and paper, so it takes minimal time to get used to. There are plenty of fancy models, both big and small, but we’ve found that the Wacom Intuos suits all of our needs. It’s compact enough to carry around in your computer bag and comes at a great price point. We’ll also be GIVING AWAY one Wacom Intuos pen and tablet at each of our upcoming branding workshops–so if you’re joining us in Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, Seattle, Charleston, NYC or LA this year, you just might get lucky!