Why You Need A Business Card Binder At Conferences

Why You Need A Business Card Binder For Conferences


ICYMI, some of our team was fortunate to attend ALT Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah in January! With all the inspirational speakers, awesome #girlbosses to network with, and plenty of yummy eats, we had such an amazing time.

However, when we got back into town the next day, we realized that we had trouble remembering the names of all those motivational #girlbosses, trendy vendors, and other businesses and brands. But, FEAR NOT! Our Marketing Director, Nina, TOTALLY saved the day for us because she brought along this handy little binder (but really, how cute is it?!).

What’d she put in it, you ask? All the business cards of essentially EVERY. SINGLE. person and brand we came into contact with!

Why You Need A Business Card Binder For Conferences

Essentially, Nina made this binder to keep all of the business cards we collected throughout the weekend organized and visible. On top of that, the binder is super cute and prevented her from losing any important contacts or information!

So, how do you go about making one, and what’s the best way to use it? Use these tips before heading to your next big conference, and you can thank us later!

DIY It! (Here's what you need:)

  1. 1

    Mini Binder (try this one bc it’s super cute)

  2. 2

    Mini Business Card Binder Sheets

  3. 3

    Mini A5 Lined Paper

Organize It Strategically

To make the most of your business card binder, put all of these pieces together and organize the cards by event, industry, or alphabetically. Since Nina used this binder JUST for the ALT Conference, Nina organized them in the order that she met them.

Use It As A Reminder Tool

After Nina would insert a business card, she used the lined paper in the back to keep notes of what day she met the individual, what workshop or event she met them at, and how she wants to follow up with them. Doing this gives you a HUGE advantage when following up with the contact post-conference, so that you can throw in a “Hey, remember me? I met you here and we talked about this” kind-of-a-thing.

On top of all that, make sure your business cards are designed to a T, printed perfectly, and handed out at the right time and place.

If you’re trying this out at your next conference, we’d LOVE to see a picture of it or hear how you benefited from it! Tweet us a pic of how it turned out! Keep slayin’, #girlbosses!