Why You Need the Soon App Now



There is always a new restaurant, movie or book you want to check out. If only you could remember its name…

Thankfully there’s Soon, the app that helps you keep track of everything you want to see, do, taste, visit and read. Next time someone mentions an amazing Netflix documentary that you should watch and you’re tempted to open Notes to remind yourself to see it, open Soon instead. It is like Notes super organized, trendy older sister who is full of fabulous suggestions.

Soon is a simple tool that helps you remember and discover things that will enrich your life. Things like new movies, restaurants, TV series, books, museums, hotels, as well as bars and clubs. Simply download the app on your iPhone (Soon is currently only available for iOS–sorry Droid users!) and begin creating lists of all the things you would like to do.

soon app screenshots

Soon arranges your lists by category and offers useful information for all of your entries such as ratings, maps and addresses. Not sure what restaurants you want to check out? Get suggestions and stay on top of what is trending right now in the Soon community by clicking on the tiny flame icon at the bottom of your screen. In this trending tab you can filter by category or see all the hot stuff in one list.

You can also follow your friends on Soon. Use the activity feed to see what your friends are adding to their lists and get inspiration for your next experience. Then, once you’ve done something, swipe left to virtually check it off your to do list. So satisfying!