Why You Need To Download The Refresh App



Have you ever gone into a meeting or call with someone totally unprepared? Few things are worse than having to small talk a person you’ve just met while simultaneously making up your agenda on the fly. Aside from being completely awkward, it’s also unproductive and unprofessional. Well fret no longer because, as with nearly every other aspect of our lives–there’s an app for that.

Refresh is a new app that culls information about a person from all over the Internet and within your phone and presents it to you in one, easy-to-digest profile. It’s being heralded by some as the app that will change the way we network entirely, and we can’t say that we disagree. Picture this: you’re heading into a meeting on Monday morning and realize you’ve got nothing to talk to the other person about besides asking how their weekend went and what they think of the weather (not really the greatest way to start building a relationship). The Refresh app allows you to bypass all the small talk and start establishing a connection right away. It does this by offering you insight on their interests (pulled from social media profiles), past work experience, places they’ve visited and lived, mutual friends or connections you may share, and even who they’re dating. Refresh also pulls information from your own phone–so no more having to sift through emails to figure out what your last conversation with someone was about. It’s all right there within the app.

A bit creepy? Maybe. But totally genius. These are all things that, if you’re doing your homework and on top of your stuff, you should be trying to figure out on your own anyway, especially if you’re trying to impress someone and build rapport. The days of ‘Googling’ a person being taboo are long gone, and the days of Refresh are in. Get with the program, and start making meetings, calls and interviews more personable, memorable and worthwhile.