Why You Need To Leave Work At Work



Unplugging from work is the key to feeling refreshed and maintaining motivation. Here are our favorite ways to leave work at work.

Even people with the most enjoyable jobs in the world find themselves inundated with stress and anxiety from time to time. Learning how to leave that tension at your desk, rather than lugging it all the way home with you at night, will help you preform better and worry less. Here is a list of things you have to stop doing immediately in order to truly leave work at work.

Stop Second Guessing

You are home from work trying your best to unwind, but you cannot get your mind to stop replaying a loop of something that took place today at the office. Your body may be physically off-duty but your mind is too busy second guessing all of the decisions you made that day. In order to expel these nagging thoughts that are plaguing your home life, gently acknowledge their presence. Name what is bothering you out loud and give yourself a full minute to think on the issue. Once you have allowed the thought to run its course, address if there are deeper rooted feelings involved and move forward. Mentally place this thought into one of two categories: resolved and released or deal with tomorrow.

By naming and dealing with your nagging thoughts, you take away their power to crawl into bed with you at night.

Stop Feeling Guilty

You close your eyes to get some much needed rest but instead of counting sheep you begin to count up all the things you need to get done tomorrow. This causes yourself anxiety and stress when you are supposed to be recharging your batteries. Instead of tossing and turning at night while you endlessly add things to your weekly to do list, try to change your frame of mind. Think about how exactly you are going to accomplish everything. Take the fifteen minutes necessary to jot down or think about what tasks you will do, on what days. This small amount of time will keep you from wasting complete evenings stressing.

Stop Being Overly Available

You are finally unwinding, enjoying a nice meal with friends or catching up on the latest Netflix Original Series craze, when your phone dings. Although it is 10pm you begin spinning your wheels to gather all of the necessary information to reply to this late night email from a coworker. Unplugging in 2016 is virtually impossible, so instead, you need to set boundaries and follow them. Encourage your coworkers or boss to call you if there is anything urgent. That way, you can differentiate between the fires that need to be put out ASAP and the ones that can wait until the next morning.

Stop Complaining

You have had a particularly rough week at work and you need to vent. Rather than using up ten minutes of your time off the clock to get whatever is bogging you down off your chest, you end up spending the entire happy hour getaway rubbing salt in old wounds. Venting is a necessity when releasing stress and moving on. However harping on past issues to the point of obsession, only makes them bigger and continuously reignites your emotional response to them. So the next time you need a good venting session, put a timer on it. Give yourself no more than 10 minutes for you to burn off that negativity energy! Then decide to move on and not allow yourself to dwell.