Why Your Small Business Needs a Content Strategy

Why Your Small Business Needs a Content Strategy


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Gone are the days of posting on social media just for the sake of posting. Now more than ever, you need a comprehensive digital strategy for your brand!

Whether you’re a new blogger or an experienced entrepreneur, you know the struggles that come with creating and posting content consistently. All too often, brands compromise quality for quantity and struggle to stick to a routine. However, the list of benefits goes on and on for brands who invest in creating meaningful, cohesive, and engaging content that appeals to their target market.

So how can you create a content strategy that works for you? We recently had the chance to chat with content strategy expert Kat Gaskin. She’s the founder of two successful businesses and knows a thing or two about what it takes to stand out online and create amazing content. Read along as we ask Kat all of our questions about content creation and what it takes for businesses to succeed in today’s digital world!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today!

My name is Kat Gaskin (@katgaskin). I’m the owner of The Content Planner + The Salty Pineapple Shop, a traveling content creator, freelance graphic designer and self-professed Instagram addict.

Back in 2012, I quit my unfulfilling desk job to take the leap of faith into #girlboss life.

It was the best decision of my life.

Now, I work 100% remotely and call the world my office.

A few months ago, I launched The Content Planner, the very 1st physical planner for your blog and social media content. I also launched my own shop filled with original designs created for all the beach bum dreamers of the world.

It’s truly an honour and privilege to wake up and have complete freedom.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for me.

These days, it seems like everyone is talking about the importance of having a content strategy, yet few of us actually implement one. What is a content strategy, and why should business owners care?

It’s the purpose of your content. It’s the WHY of your weekly blogs and daily social posts. Essentially, your content strategy is the glue that holds your online marketing together!

A content strategy is absolutely necessary for business owners to stay focused, generate sales, attract new customers, make progress, reach their goals, grow their brand, and remain consistent day after day.

"Your content strategy is the glue that holds your online marketing together!"

What role has having a content strategy played in the success of your businesses?

Ever since I started getting serious with my Instagram a few years ago, my life and career have changed.

I was able to grow my personal brand, travel the world while making multiple streams of income and collaborate with companies like Urban Outfitters and Kokoh Bikini to launch exclusive Salty Pineapple products. Most importantly, I built my own community of pineapple-loving tropical dreamers.

Then, when it came time to create a content strategy for my OWN businesses, it was almost too easy.

I applied all the best practices I learned from years of analyzing Instagram and creating content for other companies.

I was able to generate a 5-figure launch in one week with one product. Not to mention, converting most of my sales from organic reach on Instagram!

Is it true that only large businesses can benefit from having a content strategy? Should small businesses invest in having one, too?

Absolutely NOT.

I’m proof that a small business can generate huge profits by simply planning and posting with a purpose. It wasn’t until I launched my first eCommerce business this year that I realized the POWER of social media.

You can target your exact customer, increase your website visitors and sell directly from Instagram — FOR FREE.

What are some key elements of a successful content strategy?

A clear end goal. What’s the point of posting? Do you want to share content that drives traffic? Increases engagement? Converts customers? Figure that out first because your copy, images and overall tone will be different for each goal.

Keep it simple. Create the path of least resistance and get out of your own way. (Something I’m still working on!) Basically, don’t overcomplicate the process. Plan your content, post it, profit. Repeat.

What are some mistakes you see business owners make when it comes to their content strategy?

That they don’t follow through or even worse — they don’t even have one!

I also see too many business owners not being specific enough with their target audience. Then when it comes time to sharing their content, they’re so concerned with appealing to everyone, that they end up selling to NO one.

Let’s talk action steps. How should someone go about creating and implementing their content strategy?

  1. 1

    Write it down. It’s scientifically proven that you’re more likely to stick to your plan when you put pen to paper. Your content strategy shouldn’t live in your head. You need to visualize it and see it every day because you WILL forget or get distracted.

  2. 2

    Set 1 to 4 goals related to your content each month. Remember to ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of my posts?”. For example, gaining your first 100 Instagram followers, launching a free eBook to your email list, generating $5,000 in product sales and hosting 2 blog giveaways. Once you achieve your monthly goals, remember to check them off to show that they’re complete.

  3. 3

    Plan your day-to-day posts. When, what and where will you post? Schedule in time to shoot, write and edit your photos and words so you’re not rushing to meet deadlines. Share content that’s relevant to holidays, seasons or time of the year (Ex. Gift guides in November or Spring break travel in February). This way, you position your business as a trendsetter in the eyes of your online community.

  4. 4

    Focus on the right online platforms. Instead of trying to juggle a blog, Facebook group, Instagram feed, Pinterest account, email list AND YouTube channel, pick one primary platform and then a secondary back-up. Your business doesn’t have to be on every single social media channel. You’ll be more successful (and less stressed) when you focus your efforts at mastering one platform.

  5. 5

    Keep yourself accountable. Track your progress and growth in sales, subscribers or followers each month. Then, celebrate your wins at the end of the week to stay motivated. As business owners, we often forget that there is something to be grateful for every day. Did you gain one follower? Receive a 5-star review without asking? Sold one product? Those are all wins to recognize regardless of the size.

  6. 6

    Get a planner specifically for your content. After using The Content Planner for a year to manage my marketing, I truly realized the value of planning. Having my content mapped out ahead of time gives me incredible clarity and confidence in my business. I also feel way more organized and balanced as opposed to defeated, discouraged and overwhelmed when it comes time to hit ‘Publish’.

When you’re not busy running The Content Planner or The Salty Pineapple, what can we find you doing?

Travelling to the beach!

Now that I have the freedom to work from anywhere with Wifi, I need warm sunshine in my life. It’s the place I feel the most creative, at home and at peace.

Work always seems to sneak in since my vacation is now my job — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Special thanks to Kat for taking the time to answer our questions!

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