Why Your Small Business or Blog Needs A Social Media Strategy



You know those social media giants whose accounts you stalk all the time? The ones who always seem to be engaging with new followers and providing awesome content around the clock? Here’s a secret: they’re killing the social media game because they have a strong, thought-out strategy. If you want to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build your business or grow your stats, it’s time to use the hours you used to spend stalking the Internet to your benefit. Here are four reasons why you need to create your killer social media strategy ASAP (or as soon as you finish reading this post!)

Provides Direction

One of the first and most important steps in writing a social media strategy is establishing what you want out of social media. Are you hoping to build a loyal readership for your blog? Drive traffic to your online shop and increase sales? Create awareness for your personal or business’ brand? Once you know the answer to that question, you are already rocketing toward social media success. Knowing your goals provides direction because it tells you exactly what you should be posting and gets rid of clutter.

Time Saver

We all know the danger of getting sucked into a social media black hole for hours. You go on Instagram to post one picture about today’s promo only to resurface two hours later dazed and confused. You already know that time is your most valuable and hard to come by asset, so why risk it? A successful strategy identifies those platforms that will be effective for you, and the tools you need to make the most of them.

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Creates Community

Another essential part of your strategy is finding your unique voice and tone. It has to represent your brand and communicate the right message. Once you identify it, you can reference back to your strategy and ensure that each post is doing just that. Consistency has a funny way of building trust and connections, whether your followers are conscious of it or not. If your voice is continuous and reliable, people will come back for more and naturally respond to it. Voila, organic networking and community building!

Highlights (Where You Need) Improvement

A strategy is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for eternal happiness with your social media accounts, but it is only a building block. Based on the goals you identified at the beginning of the process, you can determine what should you be tracking to improve even further. When you sit down to evaluate your success on social media a few weeks or months after you implement your new strategy (seriously, do this!), you’ll be able to look back at your goals, target audience, and tools and platforms to compare what’s working and what isn’t.

Are you feeling fired up and ready to tackle your social media strategy? If you have questions or your own experience of how a strategy radically improved your cyber-life, share it in the comments below!

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