WordPress.com or WordPress.org?



Photo from Stock That Rocks 

Ask anyone at the Bloguettes studio what their favorite blogging platform is, and you’ll be met with the same answer over and over–WordPress. But did you know that there are two different ways that you can use WordPress for your blog? There’s WordPress.com, which allows you to get started right away, and then there’s WordPress.org, which definitely requires a bit more elbow grease, but we think is totally worth it.

Whether you’re just entering the blogosphere or a long-time blogger thinking about transferring over from another platform, you’ll want to keep reading. There are a ton of major differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish, one might fare better for you than the other!

Getting Started

WordPress.com: Register for an account, and get blogging! WordPress.com will host your site, and perform site maintenance.

WordPress.org: You’ll need to select a host, and be ready to perform maintenance yourself.

Custom Domains

WordPress.com: Unless you upgrade, your blog’s URL will be ‘thisisyourblog.wordpress.com.’

WordPress.org: You can use whatever domain you own, so your blog’s URL will look something like ‘thisisyourblog.com.”


WordPress.com: There’s a ton of built-in functionality. You can integrate with social media, create events and galleries, share your site and posts on social media and so much more! WordPress.com has a list of all the functionality that comes built-in. Keep in mind that if it isn’t on this list, there’s no getting around it.

WordPress.org: We joke about it in our workshops, but there is a plug-in for EVERYTHING! If you’re ever considering hawking wares directly through your blog or site, implementing a newsletter, checking your stats on Google Analytics, or nearly anything else–you can find and install the plug-in!


WordPress.com: Offers hundreds of awesome themes. You can customize them with your own fonts, colors and even edit the CSS, but not without upgrading first.

WordPress.org: There are no shortage of themes for WordPress.org, either. But if you’re interested in creating your own, custom theme using HTML, this is the way to go.


WordPress.com: Get personal support and use WordPress.com forums to answer any questions you might have about the platform.

WordPress.org: Also has its own support forum. And here at Bloguettes, we use WordPress.org. We certainly aren’t experts but if there’s ever a question you have, feel free to shoot it over to us! If we don’t know the answer off the bat, we can absolutely help you find it!