How To Write A Cold Email (& Get A Response)

How To Write A Cold Email & Get A Response - Bloguettes


How To Write A Cold Email (& Get A Response) - Bloguettes: It can be hard to grab the attention of someone with a cold email, but with these writing tips, we'll help you get the attention & response you deserve. fashion-stylist

You hit the email jackpot! Somehow through luck, connections or a little sleuthing, you now have the email address of a potential mentor, dream employer, a perfect collaborator, or an ideal client. Emailing someone you don’t know can feel downright scary. You don’t want to blow what is possibly your only chance to connect with this person, but you also can’t let this opportunity pass you by. Getting positive results is possible, we’ll show you how to write a cold email and get the response you deserve!

Have an Eye-Catching Subject Line

The receiver of your email is likely no stranger to spam so you need to make sure they don’t automatically delete the message you poured your heart and soul into crafting. In order to catch their attention, write a subject line that is clear and concise. Try to avoid generic subject lines that they likely receive often. For example, if you are reaching out to a human resources manager at an advertising agency don’t write “Job Opening Inquiry,” try “Award Winning Copywriter.”

Know Who You are Addressing

If you have gotten your hands on an individual’s email address, make sure it is clear you are addressing them and only them. Address them by name, spelled correctly of course, not by a generic greeting. Do a little detective work and try and include some specific details about their work. The last thing you want is for them to think they received a pitch you sent out to dozens of people. If you are sending an email to a generic address such as those provided for questions about the company, then try and name who you would like to be put in touch with. If you aren’t sure who you need to talk to, scour LinkedIn for employees at that company and ask if your message can be forwarded onto the person you would ideally like to reach.

Write a Crazy Good Email

This is going to take some time, but it is worth it. Not only should this email have perfect spelling, grammar and format, but it should also have strong content. What about your experience, proposal, or service is unique? How can it benefit who you are emailing? If you show your passion and expertise, you will pique their interest!

Send A Follow Up

If you were uncomfortable sending the first email, then you are going to be really uncomfortable sending a follow up! But really what do you have to lose? People get busy and barely have time to respond to the emails of people they know. Just because you did not hear back from them at first, does not mean you won’t hear back if you give them a friendly reminder. If you don’t hear back, wait a week and send a short follow up asking if they had a chance to consider what was said in your previous email. Sadly if you don’t hear back the second time, it is time to move on!