How To Write Enticing Etsy Product Descriptions



Creating an incredible product to sell on Etsy and leading potential buyers to your products page is only half the battle. Knowing how to entice viewers into purchasing your product is a whole other ballgame that begins with your item description. Here are some tried and true guidelines to writing effective product information on Etsy.

Be Thorough

Online shopping can leave something to be desired as your potential buyers are unable to see/smell/hold your product in their hands. Therefore your product description needs to act as their eyes, their ears, their hands and their nose. Do not be afraid to add your personality into it, as you are selling yourself just as much as your product. Etsy sells over 35 million products- tell your potential buyer why they should purchase your product rather than anyone else’s.

Answer All Questions

Take the guesswork out of your product. Put yourself in your potential buyers shoes, what types of questions would you still have after looking at the items photos? Is it customizable? How long does it take to make and ship? Is it hypoallergenic or gluten free? Ask and answer all of the questions you come up with to instill confidence in your potential buyers decision to add your item into their online cart. Answering all questions here will also minimized the number of messages you are sent to clarify small details, streamlining the purchasing process.

Aesthetically Appealing Format

We all already know that long clunky paragraphs are a no-no when trying to attract people to read something. When writing your Etsy description make sure that its overall finished presence is an alluring one. Break up the information, starting with the most pertinent at the top and ending with the (still important) odds and ends. Bullet points, indentations and clear divisions of subject changes are your friend here. Keep it easy to read, entertaining and informative.

End With A Link

Your potential buyer has read your full description and realizes that this item is not exactly what they are looking for. Rather than letting them gallivant over to a different sellers shop to continue their search, steer them to more of your products via hyperlink. Etsy allows you to add Etsy URLs into your item’s description. Use this ability to suggest alternative products you sell and/or to maintain the attention of potential buyers.

featured image credit: Stock That Rocks