How To Write A Mission Statement

How To Write A Mission Statement - Bloguettes


Describing yourself to a stranger is weird. The words don’t come easily, they either feel too grand and braggadocious or pale and unexpressive. The same can be said when trying to describe your business. However, being able to articulately put into words what your business is all about, is essential to building a strong brand. This impactful string of words is known as your mission statement.

Your mission statement needs to be a clear, succinct declaration about your business. It should be the exact phrase or keywords that comes to mind when one of your clients/readers/subscribers/users/etc. explains what your brand is to someone else. The perfect mission statement answers three defining questions about your business:

What do you do?

If you are unable to answer this question, without hesitation, in a sentence or two, you need to take a long hard look at your business plan. If you, as the business owner are unable to explain what you do, how do you expect anyone else to understand what you are doing? This may seem like a difficult question to answer as a blogger, but simply saying “I am blogger, hear me roar!” is not a good enough reason to ask people to care about what you’re writing. Tell your audience what exactly it is that you do. Are you a 26-year-old self-taught calligraphist who sells your commissioned works? Or are you a travel addict who is currently conquering South America?

How do you do it?

Answer this question literally: How is it that you provide your services? This is where you explain logistics and spell out that you craft and ship your calligraphy version of Drake lyrics from your one bedroom flat in Paris. Or that in order to support yourself while on this travel quest, you are teaching English in every city you land in. Explain how you are doing whatever it is that you are doing so the people you could potentially work with are on the same page as you.

Whom do you do it for?

This is where you are going to spell out who your target audience is. The goal is to list off traits of the person who is reading it, so that they recognize themselves as the person you are speaking to. While you don’t want to make this area overly broad that anyone and everyone fits into it, you also do not want to be exclusive of too many people. Be honest about who your target demographic is and speak to them directly. Are they craft-loving individuals who loyally support small businesses or curious globetrotters seeking real-life inspiration for their next quest? While both of those descriptions sound super specific, they actually encompass a lot of different kinds of people who could potentially be interested in you for varying reasons.

What makes you unique?

This is the area of your mission statement where you explain what makes you special. It is where you tell whoever is reading it, exactly why you are the only person on the face of the planet who can add this type of value to their lives. It is not the place to ramble on about your love of gothic vs rustic calligraphy styles, or how adorable children are. It is a brief, personal touch that ties together your past and present to show them why they should choose to invest in you for the future.